Page 12 - 2013 Le Mag 4th Qtr
P. 12
A Briard Photo Essay - Squashed by Mila Duboff

It chews nice enough, kind of hard on the outside but soft

Mom gave me my very own squash, only me, not Vinny, in the middle. Tastes ok too.
not Cara, just for me, Danny. Mmm, wonder what I’m
suppose to do with a squash?

It fits in my mouth pretty good too, maybe Cara knows Look Cara, Mom gave me this, she says it’s a squash and it’s
what a squash is, I’ll show it to her. all mine to play with.
Give it to me dumb baby brat brother I want it! NOW!

Mom, Danny won’t share with me, make him give me the Mom is too busy laughing so I’m gonna take that squash
stupid squash! away from my dumb little brother, then squash him!.

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