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NCB Regional Sweepstakes Judge Critique Judge McMillan’s Comments
by Julie Field
It was an honour to be invited to judge the North
Central Regional Specialty and a privilege to be able to have
I would like to thank the North Central Briarders for a large entry with great depth of quality . Some observations
inviting me to judge the Regional Specialty Sweepstakes as were - good heads and bites ( there were some receding
part of the National Specialty this year. I was a little hesitant back skulls) – temperaments in general were good however
to accept the invitation as I had not performed in this capacity continued work is required – fronts need attention with some
before. As an owner-handler, I’ve always been on the other high placed point of shoulders on the neck - tails were of good
side of the dog so to speak. I have also not been able to attend length reaching the hock, few twisted tails and some tails were
a National Specialty before so with some thought I accepted carried high and lacking the crook – coat texture needs attention
the invitation, what a better way to be involved and participate with few real goat like hair texture – legs were generally
in this breed I love so much. I’m so glad I did. What a straight front and rear – muscle tone was lacking in many
wonderful experience and what a pleasure to see Briards from exhibits – gait was generally sound and there were some having
breeders that I have not seen previously. With my background excellent timing and giving the impression of gliding along
in performance sports, I was primarily focused on movement without touching the ground. Overall the breeders need to be
and structure. I saw a lot of really great dogs that moved well commended for the high quality of Briards presented to me and
and in my opinion could very well do the job they were bred for I think the future looks very positive for the breed.
with eficiency and ease. Puppy, 9-12 Months Dog
I was very pleased with the temperaments of all of the 1 103 A Tawny coloured with good temperament, body
junior puppies. Most were very happy to be in the ring and proportions and body angles front and rear. Although young,
easily stood for examination, some a bit more wiggly than had balanced supple and light gait. It was a dificult choice
others. between this dog which I gave winners to and the reserve
The bites were all good. And the eyes and pigment winner dog. The deciding factor for winners was the impressive
around the eyes were all very good. Fronts and chests seemed masculine head with high set natural ears, parallel planes and
to be the biggest issues I saw in the dogs. Top lines were rectangular back skull & muzzle.
generally good with a few that did not illustrate the standard. A 12-18 Month Dogs
few tails were a bit short and some tail carriage was not correct. 1 109 A Tawny male with good body balance and head planes.
Rears were good. Moderate angles with balanced free movement.
There were a few classes that it was dificult to give 2 105 A Tawny male with good temperament and head
placements because the dogs were all ine examples of the proportions. Preferred the body balance, angles and movement
breed. on the irst place. Tail carriage could be lower.
Veterans judging was much harder than I ever thought Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs
it would be. All of the Veterans handled the ring like they have 1 113 Black male with good rectangular head with good body
never left. I enjoyed seeing the older Briards in such great balance. Chest could have more width which could come with
condition and still loving their time in the ring. The support of maturity, free moving and correct low tail carriage.
the spectators for the veterans was absolutely tear-jerking! 2 111 Tawny male with good rectangular head , body balance
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! not as good as 1st place and would prefer a better lay back of
shoulder. Good low tail carriage.
3 115 Tawny male with good body balance . Free movement
and would prefer a stronger topline and temperament.
Open Black Dogs
1 119 Very good body proportions with rectangular head
and free movement. Tail sometimes carried a bit high and
temperament good but could be stronger.
2 117 Good body proportions and would prefer a better
layback of shoulder. Moved soundly front and rear but not as
free moving as the 1 place.
3 121 Good rectangular head and temperament. Tail carried a
bit high and did not have the angulation of the irst and second
Open, Tawny Dogs
1 127 Masculine head and good body proportions. Strong
topline and good angulation front and rear. Moved soundly and

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