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Welcome Back to Le Magazine

From the Chief Mag Wrangler...

We are sending a lot of information, lovely briard
images, and just plain fun your way in this return of the
Jedi issue----oops, Le Mag, that is! No club magazine can
be fully functioning if it doesn’t have the participation of
its membership and that includes this one. We want to see
LOTS of Briard photos from all of you, that’s eye candy
to all of us, show us your dogs & kids or grandkids or the
kids next door having fun, send us your new puppy pho-
tos so we can ooh and ahh over them with you, inhaling
that almost here scent of puppy breath. In short, wherever
you go with your dog you’ll likely have the ubiquitous cell
phone along too, so snap a few shots to share your day with
your fellow briarders---who knows better that marvelous
feeling of just being out and about with our dogs?
This issue covers the ASBC Regional Show week-
end from April, the mid-west Regional in Canfield and the in the rings, litter ads are welcome too. Club plans are to
National Week including the NCB’s first Regionals ever in coordinate litter listings for members on the ASBC website
Sept-October. The winners are always “old” news 5 min- which will tie in with the listing going out to its readership.
utes after the judging is complete but the photos will keep Litter or puppy photos are encouraged and welcome for
things fresh for us. ONE VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Le Magazine.
We do focus on ASBC members and their dogs. In the var-
ious show results, all dogs belonging to or bred by an ASBC ASBC Member Ad Rate is $30 per color page (8.5 x 11”)
member is in bold italic type. When there are multiple show ASBC single membership $20, joint $25
days listed for various weekends, the dogs’ owners are only
listed once over the entire weekend, on the first day that a Ad, photo, video, and articles should be emailed to:
dog is shown on that weekend. Any ASBC members who
own dogs, their names are in blue type. This is a nifty way of We look forward to hearing from you!
getting to know each other and our dogs. Barbe Lynch, Le Magazine Wrangler
If you read the Staff listings on the prior page, you
can recognize how much I want this undertaking to be not
only successful but fun for all of us, it’ll keep us sane and FROM THE PRESIDENT
put a smile on our faces when we really need one. Well
hopefully sane, I’ve always been well aware that Briarders
don’t march to a calendar or clock. Deadline is not in any Sometimes to get people to cooperate in meeting
Briarder’s vocabulary and for someone trying to put to- deadlines of any kind can be frustrating and maddening.
gether a magazine that is the ultimate nightmare crowd. I I am part of the legions of BDM- Bad Deadline Meeters. I
spoke to many and got lots of promises, some materialized, write this president’s message with minutes to spare. It’s
some never did. Hopefully some of the lost goodies will hard to provide a publication with no content, or late con-
make it to Le Mag’s email box for the Winter issue which tent. I am guilty as charged. Too much stuff crammed in to
will be out in early think about getting those too little time.
spring puppy ads put together so they can be in ahead of Creating Le Magazine again, this time on line is
the ASBC Spring Regional show. Remember, Le Mag is overwhelmingly exciting. It was in the heyday of ASBC
sent to all AKC judges who judge Briards at some level,
breed, group or best in show. when we had a gorgeous quarterly publication chock full
One of the nifty things we can do as a digital mag- of pictures, ads, articles and news. Now with Facebook,
azine is include video content. Plans are to create some Twitter and Briard on-line discussion lists maybe there
short information HOW-TOs on a variety of subjects that is less need for what Le Magazine provided. Somehow I
might just answer some of those burning questions in your think not. There are enough who agree with me to create
mind. We can also include amusing Briard videos too. our magazine but on-line this time. Could be exciting.
There is a video included in the download with this issue. Maybe not. It’s all in the participation and creative result.
Thanks to all who participated in the Return issue. We hope you will contribute your pictures, articles and
Every one who is an ASBC member can enjoy low ad rates. opinions. That’s what will make the new on-line Le
Besides showing everyone how well your Briard is doing Magazine worth the effort.
Terry Miller

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