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Veteran Bitches. I will condense my comments here and say Select Bitch
how wonderful each of these bitches are. They are all most #230 GCh.Sendero’s Femme Fatale. This black cropped
worthy of their AKC Championship and Grand Championship ear bitch has outstanding coat texture, a beautiful head and
Titles. They represent the Briard well, all in superb condition good legs. I would like for her to have more length of leg and a
for their ages. stronger back.
7-9 Years AOMs
1 GCh. Dior Anamcara Bit of Blarney CGC #246 Ch. Déjà vu Pomme Despair Came Knocking. This
2 GCh. Sel BigTree-Act All About Love light tawny bitch is light on her feet yet powerful on the go. I
9-11 Years would like for her to have more length of leg.
1 Ch. Dior Vive L’Amour #225 Ch. Sendero’s Hotty Toddy Hero. This young black
11 Years and up cropped ear boy has lots of potential. Beautiful head and
1 Ch. Dior Boyz Satin Doll CGC. She received a well expression. Great coat texture. Just needs maturity and time to
deserved standing ovation from the crowd and from this judge. see what he will make up to be.
She is remarkable and wonderful. Superbly handled by a #207 GCh. La Vie Rose Dior August Moon CD RN. This
handsome lad whom I was told is named Peter Simanauer. beautifully balanced tawny dog with a dark overlay represents
his breed well. He is one of those you can say is just darned
Best of Breed - Wow! What a site to behold. As I checked good overall.
each into the ring, I was awestruck by the beautiful exceptional #211 GCh. Suite Car Named Desire. This nice tawny
Briards before me. I knew this task would be daunting but cropped ear boy has great substance and bone with a dense coat.
it was even more than I expected. Again, as a steward of He carried himself well and is a very worthy one.
your breed standard, I narrowed my decision down to two
magniicent dogs, the Breed Dog, GCh. Lightning Strike El Your breed is in very good shape if this entry typiies
Xargall and the Select Dog, GCh. Déjà vu Mia Cool As A the Briards of today. Your sportsmanship and courtesy extended
Cucumber. to me by all of you and of the show committee is greatly
#201 GCh. Lightning Strike El Xargall This stunning grey appreciated.
cropped ear dog had it all. Ideal in proportion being slightly Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and memory.
longer than tall, in no way cobby. His neck is strongly muscled Best of luck to Briards and Briarders in the future.
with good length. His topline is ideal slightly inclining Jackie Stacy
downward from the withers to the broad loin and croup.
His chest is broad and deep with ribs not too rounded. His
breastbone is moderate and its to the elbows. His croup and
tail are near perfection. The crook a “J” and never was raised
above the level of the back. Ideal Coat texture in wonderful
condition. Head is long, skull and muzzle of equal length and
on the same plane. Stop well marked, square nose.
Select Dog photo by Odile Smith
#199 GCh. Déjà vu Mia Cool As A Cucmber. This upstanding
handsome cropped ear light tawny dog has great presence and
exempliies the ideal showman with his outstanding length of
neck, strong powerful, lexible, tireless movement. He pushed
the Breed dog hard and rightfully so. My ultimate decision was
on topline, croup and head planes.
I would be thrilled to have either of these dogs to award an All
Breed Best in Show to. They are that worthy.
Best of Opposite Sex
#254 GCh. Heartsong’s Duchess D’ Aubry. This lovely black
cropped ear bitch closely resembled the shape and make of the
Breed and Select Dogs. Up on leg, slightly off square, long
head with parallel head planes and a deinite stop. Excellent
coat texture. She won on her quality and seemed to make her
owner handler very proud.

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