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2013 Briard National Specialty, Denver by Terry Miller

In any dog person’s life, the National Specialty looms but instead, trying to stay ahead of the eight ball, preventing a
large. It is our annual convention. Our yearly meeting of the problem developing undetected. There was a blood draw clinic
minds. Our once a year chance to show off our wares as a breed- for blood to be sent to Optigen for the DNA test our breed has
er and take note of the direction and results of others. Most will available for Stationary Night Blindness.
agree that it is not about the win, since at a National there are so Seminars planned were Movement 101-which includes a
few winners compared to the number of competitors. It is about power point about structure and movement. As the title implies,
your accomplishments in the whelping box. The chance for it is the examination of movement pros and cons for beginners.
perusing family successes and disappointments in the breed who We use live dogs and disect their movement strengths and weak-
are not necessarily yours. An attempt to put on display to others nesses.
what represents you and your line of dogs. Each breeder’s vision A grooming seminar was also offered with live demon-
of the breed. strations, and A-Z topics about Briard coat care on all levels and
This year marked the 85th anniversary of the Briard goals. That day was a seminar on estate planning for your dog
Club of America. A first for the breed, the national was held in offered by the Briard RescueTrust.

BOB 1st NCB Regional
GCh Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber

Photos © by Kohler Photography

Colorado at The Red Lion Hotel in Aurora from Friday, Sep Lastly, ear care and gluing for the cropped ear (yes Bri-
tember 27th to the commencement of Best of Breed on Sunday ard ears, if they are erect, get that way through cropping and
October 6th. Our usual week long events of agility trials, herd- gluing)was another seminar planned These seminars and a
ing trial, seminars, obedience, sweepstakes and conformation beautifully done collection of education seminars for the mem-
kicked off with three all breed Agility and Rally trials hosted by bership and/or judges were developed by our Briard Club of
the Briard Club of America at Foot Hills Sports Arena. Monday America Breed Education Committee several years ago utilizing
and Tuesday were club hosted Herding Trials and Wednesday Claudia Orlandi’s model as inspiration. Each year the mem-
provided at Herding Instinct test, Carting, Temperament Tests bership is polled to guide the committee’s selection of seminars
and miscellaneous performance demos in things like Flyball and during the national specialty week complete with power points
Freestyle. to provide visual augmentation.
Thursday was what we have come to expect as the usual Friday October 4th was the specialty day that seemed
day devoted to education with health clinics and seminars. In like it would never end. Two Briard Club of America regional
attendance was a canine opthalmologist and cardiologist. In specialties were hosted by the North Central Briard Club. One
Briards many of us check hearts not because a problem exists planned for the morning, one for the afternoon. No one expect-

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