Page 5 - 2013 Le Mag 4th Qtr
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Thank You !

It’s been fun and frustrating getting this irst Le Magazine
e-mag out to you. Mostly fun, of course, lots of Briard news,
stories and photos can’t be anything else but fun.

This is the irst time I’ve worked with Mary Sanders and I
want to thank her and let everyone know what a fantastic
article editor she is. She’s sharp eyed and can make ok
sentences into great ones...that’s the word alchemy she
does. But it isn’t just her talent in editing Le Mag articles, it
is how she goes about it -- very upbeat and positive, which
makes the job goes so smoothly for the rest of us. Thanks
so much, Mary. I look forward to many more collaborative
efforts with you in the upcoming Le Magazine issues.

Thanks to Terry Miller --- yeah I nagged her to death but
she came through with photos (galore!), articles and got
ASBC Director - Sheryl Nelson others to write as well. Without her contributions and nudg-
ing this would have been a much smaller issue with far less
Sheryl Nelson got her first Briard, Caper, in August 2000, content within the digital covers. Thanks too for the photos
from Harrisburg and several of the candid puppy and dog
followed by Young Miles in January 2006. She has been around shots that ill out the pages here. Also, thanks for our irst
dog-related activities most of her life. She remembers taking fun video!
their tri-color collies to dog training classes and dog shows
when she was 5 years old. Major THANKS go to the North Central Briard Club and
Peggi Weymouth for allowing us to reprint their judges’ writ-
Sheryl was horse-crazy and showed hunters/jumpers for many ten critiques and oficial Regional Specialty photos. It was
years. After high school she got her “own” dogs -- golden retriev- very much appreciated.
ers, Buffy and Trapper, and they were joined by a huge mixed
breed, Buck, with a shaggy coat and a crochet tail (a portent of Thanks to ASBC members who shared their National win
things to come?) photos with us to show us their handsome and beautiful
Briards who did so well.
Sheryl has about 33 years of experience teaching dog training
classes, and served on the board of directors for the Orlando Thanks to Mila Duboff and Anne Cath for photos for the two
Dog Training Club. She dabbled in obedience with Caper and photo essays in this issue. We’d love to do this as a regu-
Miles, each earning their CDs in three trials (it wasn’t always lar feature so if you have a way to tell a story in pictures,
pretty!) and admits obedience scores were much higher with the please think about it and sending it in for the next or future
Le Magazine issues. Thanks to Steve Cooper too, for un-
goldens! Caper and Miles are finished champions and both have knowingly sending in a paired up photo with one of Mila’s. It
PT titles. works!.

Sheryl joined the ASBC in 2001 (she thinks!) and the BCA in Thanks go to Odile Smith for the use of the photos she
2000 (she thinks!). She has chaired BriArt for several Nationals took at the Colorado specialties. And a tip of the Thank You
and is currently the fundraising chair for the Briard Medical hat to Bob Walter for his candid specialty photos too. It’s
Trust. Sheryl has one freakishly strong right arm (which only wonderful to have mutliple perspectives on what catches a
occasionally twinges with tendonitis) as a result of grooming photographer’s eye at a dog show and tends to give us a
two Briards regularly. wider range of dogs and people to view.

Thank you to our writers, Wendy Baldwin, Mary Sanders,
Mary Lou Tingley, Terry Miller and Dominique Dube for the
articles in this irst return issue. It was a little bit serendip-
itous that Mary Lou, Terry and Dominique’s history piece
came at the same time as the Relevance article was being
polished up. There is certainly a wealth of information and
knowledge provided in both.

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