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December 26,

First Briard

Mary Sanders

Hi Mary look what we got for Christmas actually
we picked him up Saturday this is Rocky isn’t he cute
we are so in love he’s such a good boy and he’s so laid
back I can’t believe it I took him to PetSmart on Monday
and he slept in my arms the whole time and then he had
to go potty which was why we went to PetSmart to get
him a crate because he can’t sleep in the bed with us Photo by Mike Greenberg
anymore ‘til he’s housebroke and it’s hard to believe
how much poop he can produce in a day it’s bigger than
he is and everybody was asking what kind of dog is that
and nobody’s heard of Briards except one guy said oh a
Briard and it turns out he has two of them but otherwise I
don’t know of anybody except you and Michelle Harzlak
people notice his ears and they say why are his ears stuck Frankie
together but I don’t care a bit because I know they’re
supposed to be like that until he gets older I hope I didn’t
seem picky asking for a tawny but Michael had his heart
set on a tawny and I guess I did too but I would have loved
a black one just as much and you should see him with our
Cardigan Corgi they have so much fun together and he’s
got the cutest little peepee and our older dog the Spitz-
Chow mix, people say that sounds funny like he Spits
Chow, doesn’t want anything to do with either one of them Photo submitted by Terry Miller
and that’s just ine with them his registered name is His
Name Was McGill He Called Himself Lil but Everyone
Knew Him as Nancy from the Beatles song Rocky
Raccoon so we call him Rocky because Michael really
loves the Beatles and he had this friend in school that got
hit by a potato truck and his name was Rocky so that’s
how we named this little guy and just look at those legs
they’re so gangly--

Photo submitted by Terry Miller

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