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A Synopsis of Significant Production

by the
First Registered Briards at AKC #7 Clovis (owned by F. Hoppin in NY). See details with

(with annotations) Dauphine.

#1 Dauphine de Montjoye (owned by Mr. & Mrs. H. Ober of #8 Pavanne (owned by Miss Hoppin in NY) her offspring:
NY) her offspring: 1930 with Biniou de la Torpic
1930 with Clovis Forgeron of Worsted Skeynes
Beau Geste (M) (bred 1930, 1931, 1933 twice, 1935) Remi (M) bred in 1932 to Dauphine (see her list for
Ninon details)
Pierre de Dochgarroch Beau Panache
Belle Bichette (F) bred in 1930 to Beau Geste
Zelda (F) (bred in 1933) Ne Touch (F) bred in 1932 to Beau Geste, 1936 with
1932 with Remi (Biniou x Pavanne) Pegleg
Aucassin de Brie 1931 with Biniou de la Torpic
Gamine Corisande (F) bred in 1933 with Beau Geste, 1936 with
Gigolo Dauphine’s Cocoa, 1939 with Jaloux du Val Mag (owned
Nicolete (F) bred with Beau Geste in 1935 by Miss Hoppin).
Renee Ninon bred in 1932 & 1933 with Rip d’Aqua Bona, 1937
Charbon (M) bred in 1936 with Typhaine de Montjoye with Partout (owned by Charles Child).
(Travailleur D Litter) Ninon de L'Enclos (same dog as above re-registered!)
1933 with Falco Lakehurst Togo
Crillon (M) bred in 1933 with Zelda
Dauphine's Cocoa (M) bred in 1936 to Corisande, 1936 to Andre Meaulnes
Zelda, 1936 to Fumee.
Falcon (M) bred in 30’s #9 Biniou de la Torpic (owned by Miss F. Hoppin in NY)
Lucky D his offspring:
Tayaut 1928 with Avette des Humberts (bred in France by Mme.

#3 Regent de la Pommeraie (owned when bred by Mrs. A. Carrel.)
Cigalle de l’Ille Saint-Gildas
Whelan of PA) his offspring: 1930 with Misère du Fief Royal
(Note: Mrs. Whelan later transferred her dogs to Ida Furst, who Moustique bred in 1933 with Misère du Fief Royal
inbred on Regent with his daughter). Poum
1931 with Misère du Fief Royal Mistinguette (Mistiyette) with Regent de la Pommeraie
Urruty (see details with his litters at left)
1931 with Mistinguette (some pedigrees have the name as Mis- Chico
Forgeron of Worsted Skeynes
tiyvette) 1930 with Pavanne (see details with Pavanne).
Cyrano de Bergerac 1931 with Pavanne “ “ “ “
1932 with Mistinguette
Polisson Noir de Maroc #10 Ch. Falco (de la Pommeraie) (owned by Mlle M.
1932 with Misère Denys in NY) his offspring:
Zoulou 1929 with Sita de Saint Epain
1934 with Mistinguette Choula
Pallas (M) bred 1935 with Misère Glenconner Zita
Pegleg (M) bred in 1936 with Ursa Major, 1936 with
#4 Citronelle de Montjoye (owned by Wallace Macmonnies in Ne Touch.
1932 with Sita de Saint Epain
NY) her offspring: Jarnac
1928 with Pegase de la Pommeraie Bistro
Pavanne (F) bred 1930 & 1931 to Biniou de Torpic Pierre de Pergola Beourgival
Maxown Mademoiselle (F) bred 1930 & 1932 to Timo-
thy Jacobs, 1932 to Marquis de Montjoye, 1933, 1936 1933 with Dauphine (see details with Dauphine above)
& 1937 to Nick du Fief Royal by Mrs. Jacobs.
Clovis (M) bred 1932 with Dauphine de Montjoye
Maxown Quebec

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