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Ok it was just a simple recall, 	 It was a pretty popular event.
well sort of. Actually, the obedience The club charged a buck per try,
crew had a lot of fun with this one repeats were allowed.
and it went over well with a lotof
people both breed and performance 	 Youngster, Izzie, went in with
folks alike. The game plan was to owner Dominique to give it a try,
put your dog in a wait and walk to the photos show the results. It was
the other end of the ring thencall pretty funny. Izzie loved all the stuff
the dog. Normal recall, right? Not just laying around to try out,. Then
quite, scattered around the ring        she realized, HEY! I’m loose, let’s
were all kinds of fun things to dis- party. Catching her turned into a
tract the dog, balls, toys, wrappers, game of catch me if you can for
and other objects of interest partic- Dominique but eventually Izzie ran
ularly to a dog.                        close enough to be captured.

	 And to make it more difficult,        	 Regina and Dill gave the game
there were people in there waving       a tryout after Izzie’s entertaining
stuffed toys for the dog to grab as it  performance and did much much
ran passed.                             better. Dill came very close to quali-
                                        fying but got knocked out on a tech-
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