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L MagazineE Volume No. 36 • Issue No. 4 • 4th Quarter 2014

                 In This Issue

                         FROM THE CHIEF Le MAG WRANGLER			       	 1		

                         THE BRIARD HELPER						 	2

                         THE EUKANUBA WEEK of SHOWS				          	 6-14

                         BRIARD MOVEMENT							15

                         BRIARD TOP TENs 							23

                         HOLIDAY HAZARDS							25

                         BRIARD NAMING CHART						26

                         WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB BRIARD JUDGING INFO		          27	

                         BRIARDS of the PAST							35




                  Deadline for Le Mag 1st Quarter Issue 2015
                             Ads, Photos & Materials

                          February 28th, 2015.

ASBC Board of Directors                           Le Magazine Crew

President                                         Chief Magic & Mag Wrangler	 Barbara Lynch
Regina Keiter	 	

                                                  Chief Word Alchemist		        Mary Sanders

Vice-President                                    Wordsmiths 		                 Juliane Essig
Sandra De Laet	
               					Terry Miller	


Treasurer                                         Announcements; Make it so		   Pam Freund
Lynn Bernard 	

Corresponding Secretary                           Fact & Truth, other Advisements	 Meg Weitz
                                                  					Kathy Fitzpatrick

Pam Freund 

                                                  The Mysts of Le Mag Oldies 	  Fran Davis

Recording Secretary

Gina Klang      Sage Consultant			            Wendy Baldwin

Directors Class of 2014                           Ye Honorable Tithe & Tax Collector Lynn Bernard
Gail Zamarchi
Leanne Robinson Zsido         Cover Title: Happy Holidays!
                                                  FRONT COVER: Dill wrapped in fur under the tree.
Directors Class of 2013                           with thanks to Larry Cornelius for the generous use
Wendy Baldwin                of his holiday set up in Orlando-Eukanuba show.
Sheryl Nelson                BACK COVER: Ronan finds a shady palm to pose under.
                                                  Both photos by Barbe Lynch.
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