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Ruth Franzen’s newest e-book features her two dogs on the cover; Briard, Paladin and Belgian Sheepdog, Dana.
The story involves a Briard and Belgian but not these two dogs who cheerfully modelled for the cover shot.
Ruth says the book contains strong language, her character is apparently a “character” who just took over from the
get go..
Ruth’s e-book is available from for $.99 (don’t forget you can benefit briard health by going to
the BMT website to make purchases through the Amazon link on
The book is available as aa Amazon Kindle e-book or a Barnes & Noble Nook e-book.
Talent runs in the family! Ruth’s husband Russ is a musician who has several CDs available; His latest CD album
cover also features their dogs as well. Russ’ music can be purchased at
Tentatively entitled Great Lakes Songs: The Alpena Project. The photo below is from a photo shoot for Russ’ al-
bum cover.

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