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Ok it is December, after a cold, snowy November in the North-          (or not finding as the case may be) a missing dewclaw. All
east, time to think of Florida and hey there’s a week of dog shows     was done in the vein of passing along knowledged needed
in Orlando, including the Eukanuba show. I am so out of here           for future judges to understand our breed so as to best judge
and on a plane flying south! How we ever were allowed to at-           it in the ring.
tempt flying that morning I’ll never know. Ice and snow covered        Sheryl Nelson took on the job of coordinating Meet the
the runway, our windows on the plane, everything. I wanted to          Breeds for Briards in Orlando. Sheryl brought a great deal
ask when the last de-icing was when suddenly a waterfall of blue       of creativity, cleverness and just plain great humor into the
“stuff ” washed over the windows, wings and plane---thank you!         task. Several people took turns with their Briards in the
The slip sliding down the runway was definitely exciting. I hon-       booth over the two weekend days. I found it interesting
estly think that we got airborne due to the fact that everyone on      to compare MTB-Orlando and MTB-NYC since I’ve help
that plane fully believed in aerodynamics and that planes can fly      coordinate NYC since it’s inception. Orlando is informal
in snowstorms!                                                         and has more volunteer dogs so that the dog time in the
I haven’t done a Euk show yet so this was my first time to see         booth can be spread over more dogs, leaving the owners and
what it was all about. HUGE! The Orlando convention hall               dogs time to wander around the show. Up until this coming
where it was held is enormous. I’m told the entire complex is          February, MTB-NYC has been held in the Javits Center with
actually several other buildings up and down the same palm tree        many vendors, CFA (cat fanciers) and various exhibits but
lined road, but this one is plenty big enough to hold the dogs,        not dog shows, there is lots to enjoy and goodies to take
with lots of grooming space, many vendor booths for last minute        home, but the whole atmosphere is far different. NYC drew
holiday shopping and a food court with far too many healthy            some 30,000 people to the event so there is never a lull, in
selections to be considered honest to goodness FAST FOOD!              Orlando, there is no way to get attendance numbers but the
AKC held the Herding Group Judges Education Seminars                   pace is far more relaxed and there is time to talk to people
during the week. Briards were covered on Thursday. The Breed           without having to quickly to move on to the next one in
Education Committee members who came to run the seminar                line who wants information or to hug your dogs. Like most
were Meg Weitz, Terry Miller, Margaret Shappard and yours tru-         things I found during the week in Florida, it was relaxed
ly, Barbe Lynch. We had several briards for both the seminar and       and enjoyable, not stressful at all, for people or dogs or
hands-on exam parts of the educational format. We managed to           visitors!
have dogs that represented a three colors: black, tawny & grey,        The shows were lovely, Eukanuba does a really nice show
as well as both natural and cropped ear styles. Plus to make sure      set up. Loved the ring barriers. They host a nice show too,
the sexist angle was covered, there were boys and girls, with ages     munchies and drinks for Euk users were available everyday.	
ranging from 8 months to 9 years.                                      There were informative seminars available as well.
For the first time we had a chance in a seminar to do something        Dill, Sparkle and Ronan were BOB winners over the week.
slightly sneaky. It’s rare to ever have a Briard lacking even one      All three looked great and shown in beautiful condition. See
dewclaw present at our seminars since most are held at dog             the full show results in this issue--with photos.
shows and we pull our representative dogs from those attending.        After the shows I spent a few extra days to enjoy the warm
This time we had a local owner with a dog lacking one dewclaw          sunshine at the Bed & Biscuit Dog Inn, owned by my
on one rear foot. The dog had two dewclaws on the other rear           wonderful friend Mila Duboff. Several years ago Mila pur-
foot. Watching the judges during the hands-on was interesting.         chased the kennel from former pro handler Carol Petruzzo,
Some checked and found the foot with 2 DCs and stopped there,          whom we managed to track down at MTBs while at the
others found the single DC foot and kept looking all over the          shows.	 Chez Duboff is a wonderful place for dogs and dog
foot and leg area for the other toe, then moved to the other foot      lovers to unwind and relax. Her 4 briards kept me company
and found 2 DCs then moved on. Some quit after not being               on our jaunts around the area, 12 yr old Briard, Vinny kept
able to find 2 DCs on that one food with a single DC. Thinking         me warm at night sleeping close on the bed and took care
probably “it must be there, I just can locate it”. Well, no it wasn’t  of my daily Briard “fix”. I can’t thank Mila enough for this
there. After all was said and done while paperwork was being           much needed vacation and enjoyable tour of the Gainesville
handled I asked if anyone had questions, none came up. I asked         area, and her fabulous hospitality.
if anyone found any DQ faults, none had. I’m not good at keep-         Of course the Flu virus that was never included in this
ing a poker face so asked the dog in question to be brought over.      year’s flu vaccine ran rampant at the Shows and many of us
And then a couple of the judges said oh, well that was a question      tracked back north with us. Fortunately, I held it off until
actually. Yeah, it was a DQ’d fault and if they missed that on an      the day I left, and ‘though I’d requested a window seat on
actually AKC exam, they wouldn’t get their license for the breed.      the plane to avoid breathing on any more people than nec-
So this opportunity served both the committee and the judges           essary as I coughed my way to NY, I got put in the middle
well by accentuating the way dewclaws can be presented and             seat, of course!	 And coming full cycle it was snowing like
that they must both be there on each foot, not just one foot. We       crazy when we landed in NY, again.	
were able to go over what to do, if in doubt, on finding 	
                                                                                                                         Barbe Lynch
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