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stay? BOOOOORIIING! Daddy!”  	 Decibel loves to learn things.
                             She loves the jumps of the agility hurdles I got for the
                             dogs. She will jump over and through just
                             to show off. The tunnels – not so much. She finally
                             learned to go through this summer at age 4.
                             And now, suddenly the tunnel isn’t a big deal anymore

	 We traded dogs and she acts the same for Harold,
so at least she is an equal opportunity insulter.
	 Decibel loves people, but she has to meet them on
her terms. At home, if they want to see her, she’s shy. If
they ignore her, she’s pushy. In town, she expects to meet
people and is hurt when they ignore her. But she is always
sweet and gentle with children (even though we don’t
have any) and she always knows when we need a hug and
a smooch. That’s when she makes sure you get a
patented Briard hug, no matter what it takes.

                                                                                  	 Oh, and she is smart. Very, very smart. She learned
                                                                                  by osmosis that you leave treasures (mice, manure,
                                                                                  bones) outside. She will run up to the door and spit the
                                                                                  thing out a split second before crossing the threshold, in
                                                                                  mid-leap. !
                                                                                  	 She wants to please and learns words easily.
                                                                                  Crossing the threshold, in mid-leap.

   More of the Continuing Adventures of Decibel in the
                   next issue of Le Magazine

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