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She wants to please and learns words easily.                   Free on Line Dog Show World Newsletter
As a puppy, her favorite toy was a cheap plastic flowerpot.
	 One morning Decibel wants attention, but I have              There is an interesting “investigative canine
to go to heed an urgent call of nature. So I tell her “I need  newsletter that is available for no cost by sub-
to use the pot first”. Decibel looks at me funny, and runs     scribing on line. It is delivered via email, with links
downstairs.                                                    to stories and information on the web.
	 A minute later she charges back upstairs, bolts into         For someone who has spent the past 40+ years
the bathroom and dumps a flowerpot in my lap.                  involved in purebred dogs, I do admit to learn-
	 She loves a routine – give her a job to do and she           ing a few things from this newsletter I had no
is a happy girl. It is easier to get her to do something than  idea were happening or about individuals I know
to get her to stop it. When she charges out to pester the      involved in the sport doing something or an-
cattle, it is easier to make her round them up and herd        other---probably not something too good since
them somewhere, than to get her to ignore them. Ask her        it tends towards the negative side of the sport
to help you, and the answer is a cheerful ‘sure thing’. But    sometimes.
tell her ‘no’, ‘leave it’, or ‘stop’ and Decibel tends to
be hearing impaired.                                           Below is the link to the January issue of the Dog
                                                               Press and an article that I found rather disturbing
                                                               with the information it provided involving AKC and
                                                               microchipping. I will admit to being glad to be us-
                                                               ing a different chip than AKC sells in most of my
                                                               dogs after reading it.

                                                               You can find the link to subscribe to the news-
                                                               letter on this page as well. There is a paid for
                                                               version as well that gives access to some articles
                                                               and data lists but the free version has plenty of
                                                               information and articles to read.The free version
                                                               is advertising supported.

                                                               There often are articles on dog health and alter-
                                                               native medicines and procedures that I’ve found
                                                               informative, leading me to do more research to
                                                               confirm or otherwise the articles but it has led
                                                               me to more useful information on various natural
                                                               products and practices that have been helpful for
                                                               my dogs in general.


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