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BCA National Show Results

Sweeps Judge Cass Moulton-Arble Sr Puppy 15-18 mos Bitches
Puppy 6-9 mos Dogs 1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo It Is What It Is Terry Miller,
1 Nuview’s Imperiale French Connection VS Dominique Dube
Barbara Wells, Michele DeTour, Mary McEneany 2 Deja Vu Popsaadoo I Am Not My Hair Karen
2 Jambo Nearco of the Coastline EJ Myers Stefkovich, Fred Nuse
3. Tintagel’s Je Suis Pret Ivor, Barbara Morgan, 3 Bigtrees Illustrated in Sienna, Barbara Lynch
Elise McMahon 4 Blackstone’s Indigo Girl Lee Kirklewski, Gerard
Puppy 9-12 mos Dogs Baudet
1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo I See London I See France
Terry Miller, Dominique Dube Vet Sweeps 7-9 yrs Dogs
Puppy 6-9 mos Bitches 1 GCh Fairytale’s Balthazar Le Sage Odile & Tim Smith
1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Their 2 Ch Bon Ton Chubby Checker Meg Weitz, Karen Mac-
Own Gas Kyle Nugent, Terry Miller Donalad
2 Deja Vu Popsakado Java Black Coffee Vet Sweeps 9-11 yrs Dogs
Jan Rosenberg,Terry Miller 1 Ch Timbre Very Thought of You James Albrecht,
3 Tintagel’s Jabberworck Sheila Perry, E McMahon, Gary Longtine
K Westerholm, B Coughlin Vet Sweeps 11 + yrs Dogs
4 Tintagel’s Jonquille Paula Glackiin, Elise McMahon 1 Ch Celebratia’s The Whole Enchilada HSCs
Puppy 9-12 Mos Bitches Julie Reconnu, Christi Leigh
1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo If It Quacks Like A Duck Vet Sweeps 7-9 yrs Bitches
Tari Welch 1 GCh Bella Del Conte Rissosso Nancy Valiquette
2 It Takes Two du Nouveau Victoria Borchorski, 2 Ch Castle Bon Bon Au Chocolat CGC
Janet Couture Kathleen & Fred Almy III
3 Ch Bijou I Got What It Takes Gabrielle Laroche, Carol 3 Bigtrees Brimstone Barbara Lynch, Karen Westerholm
Wolfram, Thom Wylie 4 Ch Blackstone’s China Blush Rose Lee Kirklewski
4 Bijou I’m Climbing the Walls du Soleil Molly Vet Sweeps 9-11 yrs Bitches
Gardner 1 Ch Timbre Undivided Attention James Albrecht,
Sr Puppy 12-15 mos Dogs Gary Longtine
1 Igor 2 of the Coastline Sherry & Mark Kaltenborn Vet Sweeps 11 + yrs Bitches
2 Take It To the Limit Moravia Campanella 1 Ch Ours Enpeluche Sassy U Roxie CGC
Ellen Pendergast Kathleen & Fred Almy III
3 Incoranato Ilario Fedele del Bel Pastur
Susan von Suhrke Best Jr Puppy
Sr Puppy 15-18 mos Dogs Deja Vu Popsakadoo I See London I See France
1 Invincible Blackbeard of the Coastline BOS Jr Puppy
Shelley & David Hubbs Deja Vu Popsakadoo If It Quacks Like a Duck
Sr Puppy 12-15 mos Bitches Best Sr Puppy
1 Intaglio de Bejaune Meg Weitz Intaglio de Bejaune
2 Mon Amies In Your Face Gina & KayCee Klang BOS Sr Puppy
3 Iffelle de Bejaune Ellen Walton, Richard McDearmon, Igor 2 of the Coastline
Meg Weitz Best Veteran in Sweeps
GCh Fairytale’s Balthazar Le Sage
BOS Veteran in Sweeps
Ch Ours En Peluche Sassy U Roxie CGC

Any dog name printed in blue is owned or bred by an
ASBC Member.

Any person printed in red is an ASBC member.

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