Page 30 - Le Magazine Summer 2014
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The Daniels’ kids:
Michael, Olivia,
Evelyn, Ameilia
and “Ronan”.

I was shocked to discover that I was pregnant again! I People stare when I walk with our four young children
told my husband we could not get the puppy now, that and this huge Briard, but I feel safe when Ronan is
there was no way I could raise a baby and a puppy at the with me and our kids. He lets me know if someone is
same time, but he told me he thought it would be good coming. He carefully places himself between strangers
for my mental health to have a personal activity to serve and our stroller when people approach me on our
as a break from childcare. Well, as you can imagine, I walks. He is not overly defensive, but I caution people
have not had many breaks from childcare, but I am so not to touch our youngest girls when he is in front of
glad that we got the baby and the puppy both. them. He has had more hugs than most humans get in a
lifetime. He has been a pillow to our children’s heads.
Our adventure began in 2012 when our beautiful He knows the secrets of our eight year old daughter’s
Briard boy, Ronan (Hyssop De Bejaune), arrived in our heart. She cried into him when she was bullied. He just
home. He is the puppy who helped keep me healthy let her then licked off her tears. He is a smart dog and I
while I carried our fourth child. I walked him daily and trust his instincts. He goes wherever we go in the van.
always used a lead, though it took me months to get him He’s been to soccer games, horse lessons, festivals,
to walk well on the leash. He happily chewed through a vacations. When we put our shoes on, he heads to the
couple easy-walk collars, a seatbelt in our van and even door and will not move as he is determined to not be left
my puppy book too! Then the day came in December behind.
of 2012 when our baby, Amelia, arrived. Jonathan
took over exercising Ronan, who preferred hiking with I had intended to learn how to show Ronan. Sadly,
him off leash. He enjoyed this new freedom and the Amelia became ill a few weeks after she was born.
two bonded quickly. In no time, I lost my dog to my Though she has rebounded, it has been a struggle. I also
husband who still loves to complain about “Your dog” had three other kids to help with homework and take to
as he rubs Ronan’s belly or scratches his ears. Though activities. But we all believed Ronan was special. We
he was originally to be my dog, he chose Jonathan, and understood Michael and Meg of Briard De Bejaune,
our middle daughter, Evelyn, as his favorite people on and Odile Smith of Fairytale Briards had decades of
earth. breeding behind Ronan’s parents and grandparents

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