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precious thing to have moments like these in our lives.
It is wonderful to be able to share this achievement

with Meg, Michael, and Odile. They and many others
like Dave Sullivan, Tracey Roche, Mary McEneany
and Mitzy O’Neil have all been so encouraging from
the beginning. Butch Redman was the first to hug me
when my boys won. Christine Krohn’s particularly
sympathetic and constructive encouragement after the
Rassemblement helped tremendously.

Ronan has given us so much love and connected us to
so many fine people. We hope to honor all of you and
him by continuing to love and care for him and by doing
everything we can to help him realize his full potential.

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of this
wonderful adventure.

by Christie Daniels

Ronan & Michael

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