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An Alternative Puppy or to answer any question and his manner that led us to choose
Dog Transportation Option him. In the process of research Mila talked with a man who
was not USDA certified and ducked questions about that. She
by Barbe Lynch spoke with someone who sounded more like an animal rights
fanatic than someone transporting beloved pets. There was a
In mid summer, breeders are often without a means of getting wide range of prices and options with some outfits. In gener-
a new puppy to owners many miles away. Most of the USA al, the price ran just under $600 to $3600 for the exact same
airlines have seasonal embargoes on live pet cargo from June itinerary of picking up Derek in NY and driving him to FL.
to September. A few do offer climate controlled holds but
these tend to be more expensive, and there is still the element Shaun kept in close contact with me on his drive north, letting
that the dog is outside anyone’s view from the time it’s put on me know his time table as he got closer. Originally he was
the plane until it is taken off the plane on arrival. Not only going to get Derek and take him along on a delivery to
do breeders and new owners face this transportation barri- Maine, but realized that wasn’t the best move for the puppy,
er problem but so do average Americans just moving long so Derek waited until Shaun got back from Maine. Shaun
distances to new homes. Often if they drive, their vehicles are talked to me a few times while he was driving in Massachu-
so overloaded with clothing and household items that there is setts, especially as he approached the New York border.
no place for Fido to ride comfortable. (and unlike the legend- Since I’d just made that trip a week previously I was able to
ary unfortunate Irish Setter, Seamus, most of us are not going give him up to date construction info which he appreciated
to have our dogs bungeed to the roof of the car to ride.) So along with estimate arrival here from where he was. Not to
what to do about it? mention provide a better Thruway exit/route suggestion to
take than his GPS was telling him to do! And he was right on
Enter Ground Pet Transportation companies! This option has time!
been around for several years but it is now becoming more
affordable, and the outfits are USDA approved (or are sup- I knew we had the right guy when I saw Shaun interact with
pose to be), meaning they are subject to periodic inspections. Derek who is a soft easy going puppy but very eager to
please. He was straightforward in his approach and touch
This August after the National, I was sending a 4 month with the puppy, then he lifted him into a crate, put in the toy
old puppy to Florida to someone who is quite dog-wise and I was sending with him, allowed me to look through his van
knowledgeable. She owns a boarding kennel and has had and say goodbye to Derek plus take a photo of him in his
4 previous Briards, currently had 3 living with her. Mila is crate.
what I call a dog whisperer, a remarkable person who gets
so much from all of her dogs with just gentle training and From NY, Shaun had a trip to Pittsburgh to pick up a dog,
intelligent leadership. So little Derek was about to become then was heading back down to Florida. It was slightly more
a Sunshine state resident at Mila’s. There was no way to fly than a two day drive so instead of waking the anxious Mila
him, my favorite airlines had embargoes in place for August. up with a wee hours of the morning drop off, he took Derek
So Mila took to the Internet to research Ground Transport out- home with him for the night and brought him to Mila the next
fits. After going through several (almost a dozen) we ended morning. At that point, Derek became Alfie, which is his new
up choosing the first one she’d looked over. It was a good name. Shaun told Mila he was one of the best pups he has
choice. A man named Shaun owned the company and took ever traveled with so far. That made us both feel pretty proud
Mila’s calls, or returned them if she left messages, answered of our little guy and his good manners.
all her questions and gave her close estimations on travel pick
up and delivery. I would give Shaun 5 stars for his service, he was in continual
contact with either Mila or I as he drove north. He was friend-
Shaun has a very nice Nissan full size van that has snugged ly and ran his business very well. He always answered any
in large (500 vari kennels or similar size wire crates) that are question either of us put to him. Shaun’s company is located
stable and very very clean. He is USDA certified and operates in Florida. We researched outfits from Florida to Texas and
his company in a friendly but business like manner. He travels both of us are very happy with the one we chose to get Alfie/
up and down the east coast making deliveries and pick ups formerly known as Derek, to his new home safely and hap-
two weeks out of each month. He is also one of the most pily. Alfie came off the van and just moved right into Mila’s
affordable outfits we looked at, but it was his willingness canine family with no problems, he was confident after his
long trip with Shaun, who took breaks and walked him sev-
eral times each day. I sent his food with him and he was fed
that with no traveling upsets at all. What more could we ask

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