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One of the unintended best kept secrets about dog health
matters is the CHF (Canine Health Foundation) Podcasts on
a wide variety of canine health topics. Below are two upcom-
ing behavior issues that will be discussed in June.
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Podcast: Separation Anxiety in Dogs
June 12, 2014

In this two-part podcast, Dr. Karen Overall dis-
cusses an issue of major importance to many
dog owners: separation anxiety and noise phobia
in dogs. Dr. Overall received her VMD from the
University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary
Medicine and PhD in Zoology from the University
of Wisconsin – Madison. She completed a res-
idency in Behavioral Medicine at Penn and is a
Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary
Behavior (ACVB) and is certiied by the Animal
Behavior Society (ABS) as an Applied Animal
Behaviorist. Dr. Overall’s clinical work is focused
on the humane treatment of troubled pets and
their distressed people. Her research has two
main foci, irst to understanding the neurobiology
and genetics of canine behavior and canine cog-
nition, and second, the development of natural
genetic and behavioral canine models for human
psychiatric illness, particularly those involving
anxiety, panic, and aggression.

We hope you enjoy part one of Dr. Overall’s in-
terview, “Separation Anxiety in Dogs.”

Part two, “Noise Phobia in Dogs” will be re-
leased on June 19, 2014.

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Good news for mobile users! You can now listen
to the podcasts on our website directly from your
mobile device. If you prefer to download and lis-
ten later, the entire HealthE-Barks podcast series
is available in Apple’s iTunes store.

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