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From the Chief Le Mag Wrangler

For me the best thing about the ASBC hosted Spring
Regional in Harrisburg, PA has always been the opporutunity
to see the latest crop of new Briard puppies hit the show ring.
It also serves as a reminder for those like me who live in the
northern part of the country that there really is warmer weather
on the way, even if we see snowflakes on the drive home!

This year there was another bounty of lovely pups
showin in Sweeps and the breed ring. One, who flew in from
California with owners Gina and KayCee Klang, had one heck of
a great weeken. She nearly finished in PA!

In this issue you’ll get to see several points of view of
the dogs in the ring and hanging out around the rings, on tables,
snoozing and otherwise doing their Briardly best to be adorable,
caught on camera in various ways by various photogrpahers. We
are showcasing the photos in color collages over several pages.

The Briard National is coming up soon in August along
with the accompanying Rass, so think about your reservations
in Sturbridge, MA and making entries, it’s hard to believe it’s
already June and the premium lists will be out soon.
The Agility entry is already available for downloading on the
BCA Website. The National judge is Briard-owner-judge Marga-
ret Shappard. There will be a pair of educational seminars from
the BEC on Movement and Color Genetics. Both are free and
were voted as the most popular by a poll of the membership.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new magazine reader
app on the ASBC website that allows you to look through each
issue as if you were turning pages in a real magazine. Thanks
to Pam Freund for locating and installing this program for the
club. Hopefully soon, the upgrade will be availalble so that all
electronic devices can be used to view Le Mag, not just comput-
ers, but smart phones and tablets as well. Stay tuned for that!

Being spring, it’s also flea season. I recently asked sev-
eral different practicing veterinarians what is working this year.
It use to be the choice was either Frontline or Advantage(tix)
but those are not in favor these days. The oral pils for eliminat-
ing fleas & ticks are the in parasite controllers du jour. There
are several different brands but most are by prescription only.
Capstar can be purchased on line without one. This is an affec-
tive flea killer but doesn’t keep the bugs off, it merely kills them
if they bite soon after it’s administration. Since the fleas seemed
to arrive as soon as the weather began to stay above freezing
this year, it appears we will all be looking at new options to keep
our dogs free of the creepy crawlers on them. And to avoid the
associated tapeworms that fleas can carry. 11 Month old sisters, Sierra and Piper enjoy a family

Have a Happy Safe Summer, reunion at the Harrisburg Regional.
(Photo Credit: Jan Rosenberg)
Barbe Lynch
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