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I look forward to the upcoming years for the
Atlantic States Briard Club. We have made great
strides in recent years in returning back to the
original vision for this club set forth by founding
members Mary Lou & Art Tingley. With Mary
Lou’s recent passing I feel this year should be
dedicated to her memory, and in doing so we all
need to volunteer our time and efforts to this club

which she was so proud of and worked endless
hours to help this club and the breed she loved
dearly. Needless to say, we have large shoes to ill
but I am conident we, as a club can accomplish
this. Briard celebrating springtime!
Le Magazine has made its triumphant return
and as in the past has set the standard for others
to follow with our cutting edge online magazine.
This effort took a tremendous amount of time
and effort by many of our members who spent
countless hours investigating different approaches

and options to produce the magazine. Many
thanks to all of them.
The 2014 regional specialty was a success
even though member participation was down from
recent years. I think the club needs to re-visit our
location options (Harrisburg / Springield) and
possibly even holding two regionals, one in each
I think it would be beneicial if ASBC

hosted more “fun” events as well as educational
programs for our members and the rest of the dog
fancy as well. Any and all suggestions will be
Finally, I’d like to thank past president,
Terry Miller, for all of her time and being the
guiding force behind Le Mag’s return. THANK
Regina preps her dog at Harrisburg Regional.
Regina Keiter, ASBC President Photo credit: Jan Rosenberg

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