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Why                                            11
           Volunteer? by Pam Freund

Volunteering, the one thing that can make or break an
organization. This is true in almost every situation. Volun-
teers are some of the hardest working people, who are
shown appreciation for all that they do, whether it be a
simple “thank you for your help.” to the more elaborate
special gift of appreciation.

For me, being told that I am appreciated is major, and I
make sure that I do the same for my volunteers. We in
the dog show world, depend a lot on volunteers, whether
they have signed up to help or they just pitch in. Things
just run smoother when there is a lot of help. It doesn’t
matter that you may have too many people there, you
can always find something for each person to do, by
creating shifts, by looking at the big picture and seeing
where the need is.

The Atlantic States Briard Club has several volunteer
positions available for our Regional Specialty in
Harrisburg (yes, we plan early) as well as for some other
activities we have planned in the future. For information
for the ASBC, please contact me at
There are so many opportunities for volunteering. The
Steel Valley Cluster Regional Specialty in July and August
sponsored by the Michigan Ohio Briard Club, and don’t
forget our National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA, which is in
need of volunteers for the many activities, from the
Welcome table, to Herding, Agility, Obedience, and more.
You can contact the club secretaries for information on
volunteer opportunities or for volunteer opportunities at
the National specialty, visit the BCA 2014 National
Special-ty website (

Don’t worry if you don’t feel you know enough to volun-
teer for a show or any of the other dog events; it is well
worth the time and effort that you put forth. There is so
much to learn about and this is your chance to shine.

Happy Tails

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