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Terry has often said Clover was one of her most favorite dogs, her biggest claim to fame in Briard history is
being the dam of mBIS/mBISS Ch Deja Vu In Like Flynn PT CD HOF ROM, one of the most recognized names in Briard
history. Clover was bred to Sarek, Ch Kaliphi U Know Mielleux Deux CD, etc. Flynn’s brothers, Stan, Ch Deja Vu Instant
Success, A/C Ch Deja Vu Intrepid and Ch Deja Vu Ipso Facto Ginko also enjoyed a great deal of show success as well.
Flynn of course is the sire of so many well known Briards.

         There are so many that we’ll keep it to a handful of well-knowns: Ch Deja Vu Up Close & Personal (Udo) who
sired Ch Deja Vu Mia Cool as a Cucumber-Dill and his famous brothers Colby & Cagney, Ch Blackwater’s No Where
Man, Ch Aigner Deja Vu LL Bean, Ch Deja Vu Moon Unit, Ch Deja Vu Just a Gigolo (producing a litter for Mia Briards
(Amy Melton), Ch Deja Vu Marches Avec Moi, Ch Deja Vu Kings Oaks Notorious (Dylan)(Mokie Briards), Ch Deja Vu
Purple Haze (Jimi), Ch Deja Vu Ruffles Have Ridges (Sassy)(Lynn Bernard-Eastbay), Ch Deja Vu Bluestone’s Under The
Radar, Ch Deja Vu’s Ultra Violet, Grinzing’s Touche A Tout, Radieux Deja Vu Lace, Ch Radieux Landmark Decision, Ch
Sentinelle Deja Vu Leapin Lizards.

         Stan produced seven litters which included: Ch Deja Vu Mber Waves of Grain (Christi Leigh-Celebra Briards), Ch
Deja Vu Patchwork Quilt (Bluestone Briards), Ch Deja Vu Purple People Eater (Violet), Ch Deja Vu Riddle Me This, Ch
Deja Vu Rocket Man, Ch Deja Vu Sense and Sensibility (Tracy Thorleifson), Ch Mokie Necessary Evil, Ch Mokie Never
Say Never (JB).

         Ipso Facto sired six litters including: Ch Bien Sur Maid of Tempe, 2003 National winner Ch Deja Vu Rhymin Si-
mon CD, Ch Deja Vu Rose Colored Glasses and Ch OakHills Chew Nougat.

         Clover had litters with Miejo, Cryn Out Loud, Peter, Watson (Ch Deja Vu Elementary My Dear) and Taz, Ch Sen-
tinelle’s Last Chance. Notable among her pups are: Ch Deja Vu Herd It Thru the Grapevine (Lynda Ronell-Kings Oaks),
Ch Deja Vu House on Fire, Ch Deja Vu Moving Pictures who sired litters for Bon Ton (Karen MacDonald) and Timbre
(Jim Albrecht), Ch Deja Vu Mm Mm Good Bijou (multi titles) (Carol Wolfram-Bijou), Ch Deja Vu’s Nine to Five, Ch Deja
Vu Non-Negotiable (who was bred to Flynn). Mm Mm Good (Java) was bred to Ch Deja Vu’s Lethal Weapon and Ch
Deja Vu Bluestone Under the Radar, giving her Ch Bijou’s Spur of the Moment (Lark), Ch Bijou’s All Flash and No Cash
(Tessa), (both with titles, and Ch Deja Vu Almost Famous (who was bred to Bigtrees Extreme Makeover producing a
National WB/BP (2011) Ch Deja Vu Gym Tan Laundry (Snooki).

         From Tomorrow (Tommy) came a litter with Fran Davis’ Ch Phydeaux Peppermint Patty (Phanci) producing
Radieux Aujourd’hui, Aurore (Coeur de Joie), Adds Up Right (Noire), Above it All, Abbey Road, Ace in the Hole and
Aphrodite. Adds Up Right, Aujourd’hui and Aurore were bred.

         Aurore began Joyce Smith’s Coeur de Joie line, breeding Aurore to Virage Vendredi Treize, who was bred by
Karen Farkas and owned by Barbara Eichner. One of those pups, Dulcinea went to Jayne Dubin (Bellesprit) in NJ (pre-
viously NY) and was bred to Ch Aigner Double O Seven, producing her own Ch Bellesprit Impossible Dream. Bringing
things half-circle, he was bred to another bitch of Fran Davis.

         Adds Up Right was bred to another Virage bitch, belonging to Ellie Sachse named Virage Uryt Victoria leading
to Ellie’s Victoria line of Briards. In this litter was Victoria’s Noire Bits n Pieces owned by Cheryl Cannon (Noire). She
was bred to Ch Aigner Verbatim (Bear) producing Cheryl’s F Litter, including son Flight Plan who was bred to bitches
from Virage, Noire, Sagi, Victoria, and Kathy Simms’ Enchante. His most well known offspring are Ch Sagi Just Be Jeal-
ous, Enchante Nobel Prize and Victoria’s Olivia Rose.

         Aujourd’hui (Lately) was bred in 1991 to Virage Anna Karenina which produced Ch Virage Eleanor for Karen
and Virage Nightwind Eclipse for Gail Oneal (2015 BCA Sweeps judge) in WA. Eclipse was bred twice, producing the
multi titled Impulsive Shopper for Gail. Lately was also bred to Virage Victorien Fleur Aster in 1989 for Victoria Briards.

         In 1986 he was bred to Ch Richlen’s Woodbine’s Touche, bred by Ellen Walton and owned by Judy Odom. She
produced Ch Woodbine’s Atosha who was bred twice by Judy and later lived with Terry Miller of Deja Vu where she
was bred twice as well. Atosha had two litters with Judy’s male Ch Deja Vu Woodbine’s Call the Cops in Texas, all E
litters. In Ohio she was bred to Ch Aigner For Pete’s Sake HOF and later the same year to Ch Deja Vu’s Elementary My

         The “Peter” litter included Deja Vu’s Harper’s Bazaar, Hesperus (Mokie-Canada), Haley’s Comet and Heartbreak
Hotel (Elvis) who enjoyed a good specials career while being shown by Regina Keiter.

         An over view of Barbu’s descendants shows they are well concentrated in certain lines but as those lines
spread out they have infused many other kennels over time. Flynn and now Udo have spread those genes far and
wide. Barbu wasn’t shown as widely as many of the famous specials who came down from him but his legacy remains
in his produce and it is amazingly strong, typey and consistent.
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