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Mary Lou

by Regina Keiter

The Briard lost it’s iercest advocate while I’ve lost
a beloved family member. I’ve known Mary Lou for most
of my life. My parents and I met her at our irst national
specialty. Only “in dogs” for a few years, this was our irst
Briard and we knew nothing about grooming. Mary Lou
came over with brush in hand, and proceeded to give my
parents an impromptu grooming lesson. This is something
I would witness countless times throughout the decades I
knew her, it was her “signature” so to speak.
She took the time to share her vast knowledge with
anyone and everyone, even a kid who asked her never
ending questions. She had strong, unwavering ideals with
a clear vision of the Briard. Never one to bow to the fads
and trends that plague the breed she remained faithful
to her beliefs. Those values became my foundation and
I will strive to remain as true to them as she did. I was
always in awe of her ability to be a mentor to so many
while continuing to be a “student”, by no means did she Mary Lou at her last judging assignment the Briard National in 1991.
think there was nothing left to learn. Handler is incoming ASBC President, Regina Keiter with her puppy, Deja
Mary Lou’s sportsmanship was unparalled. She was Vu Aigner For Pete’s Sake. Trophy presenter is the late Lee Davidson, of
very competitive but the irst to congratulate the winner Esprit d’Or Briards.
and the last to brag about her own dogs wins. These
lessons learned from her have proved most valuable to me
in this sport and my career. She set the bar so high and we
all must strive to come close to that ideal.
I don’t think there is a way to thank someone for
encouraging you to dream and dream in color but that is
what Mary Lou did for me. As I write this I realize I owe
her so much and it’s rather overwhelming to think about
how someone made such an impact on my life in a breed,
sport and profession that I love to no end. Gratitude is the
memory of the heart and the heart never forgets.

Mary Lou & “Stymie”

Mary Lou bred Sandor (left) from his mother,
(Sandor is BIS/Am/Can Ch Phydeaux Windfall
CD & Sheba is Ch Phydeaux Usheba des

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