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This issue normally highlights the achievements of the Top 10 passes so much of what is behind the modern day American
Briards of the previously year---something for all to celebrate. Briard! And all belonged to one couple, it’s so amazing.
And of course, the dogs and stats from 2013 are within these Mary Lou was very involved with the BCA in many
pages to cheer. However, the passing of our club’s founder, Mary aspects, as Secretary, President, founding Trustee of the Med-
Lou Tingley has put a damper on our normally high spirits for ical Trust, DewClaw Editor, on the Committee to re-write the
the New Year. You’ll find several memories of her from long Standard in the ‘70’s, part of the Breed Education Committee,
time members and Briarders who knew her well throughout and on and on. The accomplishments of this one outstanding
their Briard lives within our pages. Beginning with mine and person could fill volumes. And yet she always had time to take a
our outgoing President’s, Terry Miller. Terry had a very long phone call or a minute at a show to answer questions from new
and extremely close relationship with Art & Mary Lou Tingley comers and old timers alike. She and her husband Art were from
another era, one where civility reigned. Today’s dog show world
of Phydeaux Briards beginning in 1982. Further in Le Mag are is nothing like that in which they learned the ropes, yet she held
other tributes and memories of Mary Lou. It is obvious what a on to those kinder, gentler manners in her dealings with those
huge impact she has had on our beloved Briards, the clubs and she brought into the Briard world through her puppies, as new
our breed culture. She wound up her life as part of the Briard friends with new puppies regardless who the breeder was, and in
Medical Trust, doing what she thought was most important for her work in the club.
the breed---seeing to its health and well-being through finding In time, the hostile environment seemed to over take
appropriate scientific studies and helping fund them through the even the BCA that they worked so hard in. In the late 70’s, after
Trust. It is an outstandingfinishing highnote of a remarkable life a rather difficult specialty weekend, a new idea was worked out
of multiple achievements in the Pure-bred dog world, and more on the trip home from that National. Mary Lou had ridden with
specifically in the Briard community at large. fellow NJ Briarder, Faye Sloan. On the trip back, the concept of
a more open, accepting club was born, and the Atlantic States
Mary Lou Tingley June 19, 1930 - February 25, 2014 Briard Club emerged whole from that long drive. Less than
Phydeaux Briards 1959 - 2014 a week later, Mary Lou called to ask me to become the first
Treasurer for the ASBC, we also held our first club match at our
property with Art driving up to help out with the set up and
The End of An Era running of the all-breed match. It was fun, it was educational
by Barbe Lynch and it was usually impossible to say No to Mary Lou because she
Mary Lou was instrumental in my Briard career even always asked something so politely with so much hope in her
tone of voice, that no matter what you planned on doing, you
before I got my first show Briard. I’d had 2 rescues along with dropped it and helped her out. And you never regretted it either.
one German Wire-haired Pointer whom I showed, but fell in Mary Lou was very generous to me in sharing her vast
love with the Briard character of the two rescues. So, I went knowledge both in the beginning and decades later when I
looking for a puppy to show. This led me to Jayne Dubin of began research for my book on Briards. I spent the better part of
Bellesprit Briards. I’d requested a natural ear pup and Jayne had a week with her scanning every photo in her home I could find,
Mary Lou look at her litter to find a suitable puppy for me. listening to story after story dating back to when she and Art got
That puppy was Meriah (Bellesprit Meriah, CD/HIC/TT Dodie of Alpen CD for their daughter, Karen, from the Kents
+ 13 pts, 1 major!). Meriah taught me everything I’d ever needed in NJ in 1959. Mary Lou answered so many of my questions,
to know about living with a Briard. Mary Lou taught me most of some on touchy topics, some of which I’d recalled from my
what I needed to KNOW about Briards. All I was lacking was a early years in the BCA, some that happened later on, some were
handling coach—unfortunately I had to make do with my own funny, some were pathetic, and some were quite enlightening.
deficits in that area. But she didn’t hesitate, she thoroughly and honestly answer all
Mary Lou was the 2nd Briard person I met after I got I asked about. We stayed up late each night talking well into the
Meriah (not counting Jayne). Alice Bixler was the first person. wee hours of each morning. I gave up apologizing for keeping
Two very different, very intelligent and very gentle ladies to be- her up—she kept saying she never slept much now anyway. It
gin my 40 years in dogs. It was a notable way to start off. Mary was a total immersion in Briard history from someone who was
Lou and Art showed in my area with the many long weekend there at a turning point where the Briard was ushered into the
modern dog world—from the start of OFA and health testing, to
shows, which eventually became multi-day circuits. It wasn’t a dealing with poor structure that left some dogs crippled, she and
long hike for them so we saw them often. They were showing Art were not just present but instrumental in making changes
Jennie d’el Pastre when I first met them. I was fortunate to visit in thought, policy and culture that helped make life better for
them at home early on and meet String and Sheba although both Briards and those who loved them.
were older then. Later, we watched them in the ring with Happy There isn’t much greater praise that could be heaped on
(Ch Phydeaux What’s Happening CD) and Miette, (Ch Panthere any true dog person than to say they did all that and more. With
d’el Pastre). With just those 5 dogs mentioned here, it encom- Mary Lou following Art off to the Rainbow Bridge it leaves

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