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a huge gap in the Briard World. Fortunately, she passed along a
mountain of information, knowledge, memories and dog sense
to those of us who paid attention to what that she shared with
us. She was one of a kind. She had a good long life, with many,
many friends, a devoted daughter and a terrific grandson. We
all miss her and know that so much of what we sort of took for
granted all these years is no longer available to us or anyone new
coming in. The hole left in the Briard fabric of our lives is large
and painful sometimes. But I can’t help but smile a little think-
ing of her arriving on the other side of the gate on that Rainbow
Bridge, imagining Art getting jostled by Dodie, Nanie, Stymie,
Pingo, Poppy, Jennie, Happy, Sheba, Miette and several other
Briards, as they all rushed to greet her. What an image, what a

Mary Lou in her CT garden, with Am/Can Ch Cacharel N Big-
trees Boomer, HIC in summer 2007 during Barbe & Boomer’s
visit with Mary Lou.

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