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Mary Lou and Me My Thoughts of Mary Lou Tingley

At Art’s funeral, one of his co-workers said that Like so many sharing their memories of Mary Lou
Art was “the salt of the earth” and proceeded to explain in this issue, I remember the Mary Lou that was the friend,
why. With Mary Lou’s passing, I just keep thinking that mentor, breeder, and exhibitor, among many other things,
she was the “spice of life.” She laughed freely and often. to so many. There are stories and memories that have been
Some of the best laughs that we shared were on trips that repeated since her passing about how she welcomed a
were plagued by bad weather and car trouble. I cannot newcomer, taught generations of Briarders, and displayed
remember a time that we did not laugh. She made me feel a graciousness and respect to her competitors whether
witty and funny because of her easy laughter. winning or losing. We all know that Mary Lou Tingley,
We went to The Big Apple Circus; we rode horses; but I want to write about the Mary Lou that I knew as my
we went to movies; we shared books; we drank wine; and, friend.
of course, we shared a love of Briards. Mary Lou’s quiet We spent much time planning and organizing the
exuberance and sense of humor touched everything she Briard Medical Trust. Briard health was always something
did – as did her intelligence, which was piercing. With a of great concern to her. She got to put that concern into
glance she could communicate a seriousness of purpose or organized motion with the establishment of the Briard
an impish irreverence toward whatever came her way. Medical Trust and accepting the position of our irst
And she was generous. She was generous in Managing Trustee. She dedicated much of her time and
sharing her time and her knowledge, not only about energy of the last few years steering the trust and guiding
Briards, but also about living. Her willingness to help it toward success.
others and her patience with others was a gift. All of us Although I have known Mary Lou for more years
who knew her are aware of her qualities and how she than I can actually remember, I spent most of my time
touched our lives in one way or another. I treasure the with her in her later years after she moved to Connecticut.
memories that she has given me. I would spend many weekends where we would go
to dinner, share dog stories, people stories, and great
Carol Chamberlain cheeses and wine. I think of her now as baseball season
approaches. I will watch her beloved Mets and root for
them in her place.
Issue after issue, year after year, the pages of this
magazine are illed with pictures of champion Briards. To
paraphrase the AKC tagline, Mary Lou was the Briard’s
champion. The breed will miss their champion, and I will
miss my friend.

Gail Zamarchi

Mary Lou presides over the 1974 BCA Annual Meeting
in Columbus OH.
Mary Lou judging in California in the ‘70’s. the dog is Vin Rose Tulippe.
Trophy presenter is Donavon Thompson of l’Etat d’Or Briards

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