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Thank you for the opportunity to join the chorus of but interested in Herding Breeds. After reading “How To
those who knew, loved, and admired Mary Lou Tingley. Raise and Train a Briard” by Mary Lou Tingley and after
While Richard and I met Art Tingley first in 1977 at
the Roanoke Dog Show , it was Mary Lou’s book, How to Raise meeting a Briard at a dog show, we decided this was the
and Train a Briard, that I carried in my tack box to our first dog breed.
shows. I even carried her book to the first Specialty we attended Mary Lou was secretary of the BCA at the time so
in 1978 and had her sign my book! we contacted her. She was very gracious and willing to help
Mary Lou was oh so kind and generous with her time a couple of future Briarders.. As we wanted a black puppy,
and knowledge. I was fortunate to take handling and grooming Mary Lou referred us to a breeder in Indianapolis, Indi-
workshops from her. ana, Harold Marley, and thanks to Mary Lou, we got our
I have fond memories of Mary Lou, Kathy and 4 month black puppy in 1966. This led us to becoming very involved
old Nora Fitzpatrick, making the long trip from New Jersey to with the BCA and brought us in closer contact with Art
Virginia to help me evaluate our first Briard litter. Mary Lou’s and Mary Lou, as we spent many hours in debates, dis-
insights were helpful and needed. cussions, arguments over breed issues and club matters
On a very personal note, Mary Lou also served as a “life
coach” for me , since she and I were both part of the sorority no These differences actually brought us closer together since
one chooses to join - women with Breast Cancer. Mary Lou gave the debates were targeted towards an element of either the
me needed courage in this fight. Briard or the BCA, and we each cared a great deal about
I am all the better for having known , respected, and both. During one get together in the early 70’s Mary Lou
learned from Mary Lou Tingley. introduced us to St. Pauli Girl Beer. We still appreciate that
Ellen Walton introduction.
Through the years. Art and Mary Lou competed

Over the past 20 years there are so many fond memo- in the show rings to win but always without ego and with
tremendous good sportsmanship.
ries. Whether it was talking and learning more about the briard, When judging was over at a show, Mary Lou was
reminiscing the days past of Fire Island, to getting a bite to eat willing to spend hours talking to Briard owners and an-
at our favorite Black Horse Tavern. When thinking of Mary Lou
and all the words that could be used to describe her, the one swering their questions. She was a walking classroom and
that stands out to me would be “Classy” and that she was! What always generous with her time. She made a couple of trips
a profound loss to the Briard community and the world as a to our home in Pittsburgh to have grooming sessions for
whole. We will miss her greatly. the small number of Briards in the area.
During the time when the BCA was revising the
Thanks breed standard, we were having much difficulty in getting
Elaine Lawther approval from the AKC. Mary Lou and I (Phil- president of
BCA) took Tingley’s Nanie into the AKC headquarters and
MARY LOU TINGLEY went over Nanie from head to tail and answered all ques-
By Phil and Janice McNelis tions presented to us. This was Mary Lou’s idea in order to
bring the matter to a successful conclusion. Approval soon
We first talked to Mary Lou in 1965 when we began followed. The BCA will miss this kind of asset very much..
our search for a dog, not knowing exactly what we wanted In 1975 Mary Lou said she would like to go to the
Kentucky Derby. We were living in Louisville. KY at the
time so we got tickets and Art and Mary Lou flew down. It
was an enjoyable weekend and Mary Lou got to go to the
Derby and see Secretariat win. Another weekend Mary Lou
and Art came down and we were joined by Harold and Ada
Marley and Diane and John McLeroth.
Mary Lou was everything you would like to see in a
friend - trustworthy, competent, loyal and above all, honest
with herself and with others.
She will be missed!

The Tingley’s first Briard Dodie of Alpen
purchased for daughter Karen (on

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