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For me, Mary Lou"s initials stand for so much of what she was....

Mary Lou took her successes in dogs with a graciousness seldom seen, win or lose. I recall phoning Mary Lou after the
marvelous Jennie d'el Pastre went BIS at the Kennel Club of Northern New Jersey in the late 1970's. It was one of the
largest winter events in the East at the time. As I waxed poetic over Jennie's virtues and showmanship, she responded
simply by saying , with pride in her voice, " That's Jennie ".

There are so many people to whom she was more than a colleague in Briards--she was a loyal and trusted friend who
was always there when needed. While there are any number of examples of this, none was more telling than when I was
faced with a personal health issues and expecting 2 litters. As soon as she heard of the situation, she called and said " I
have two hands . " No need to ask for help--she was always willing to offer both physical and emotional support.

Mary Lou's intellect took her not only to the top echelon of our breed, but enabled her to champion the cause nearest to
her heart for so many years, Briard health. She was willing to do whatever was necessary in both fundraising and pursuit
of information if it would ultimately benefit the breed and the Briard Medical Trust.
On another note, it was because Mary Lou had the interest knowledge, and foresite to use dogs that were not necessarily
convenient or from her family of dogs to advance a step in quality, health, and temperament.
I thanked her many times for our Delta, as she used our then unproven Adonis on her linebred Virage Vice Versa. Delta,
for us, was a spectacular brood bitch, and a treasured family member for 13 years. We are certainly not alone in having
such an experience with Mary Lou--it is written in the history and pedigrees of the breed.

Meg Weitz

Mary Lou awarding win to Denasha van de Hoolhoeve owned by Meg Weitz & Mike
Greenberg (handler in photo).

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