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was sure it was, but he doubted me. The pup had had his
2nd parvo vaccine 11 days prior to becoming ill. To me it          Here is a list of mild-to-severe symptoms from
was the same old, same old problem. The pup after a blood vaccinosis in dogs:
draw and exam came home with me with Clavamox, an an-
tibiotic, plus Rimadyl for pain. Both of us did a great deal Common Vaccine Reactions:
of research and in the end agreed it was likely vaccine relat- •   Lethargy
ed. But as with my second experience using antibiotics, in •       Hair Loss, hair color change at injection Site
3-4 weeks the pup was up and around, back to normal but •          Fever
he was hurting pretty bad until the episode resolved itself. •     Soreness
This was by far the most serious of the experiences any of •       Stiffness
the four affected pups had. All had severe reactions and •         Refusal to eat
symptoms, but this time, even being aware of how it ran its •      Conjunctivitis
course, I was very afraid he might not make it. But he is 4 •      Sneezing
now and doing great and is an extremely happy and sweet •          Oral ulcers
dog. Moderate Reactions:
I should add here that the first three pups I had • Immunosupression
with this problem were ones I bred. The fourth one was     •       Behavioral changes
not. And all had the reaction on the second vaccine.       • Vitiligo
This article should NOT scare you into avoiding •                  Weight loss (Cachexia)
initial vaccines for your pets. I can remember when dis- •         Reduced milk production
temper was rampant, a friend’s beagle died from it back in •       Lameness
the 60s when it was more common and vaccinations were •            Granulomas/Abscesses
spotty in use. There was a recurrence in southern Ontar- •         Hives
io in the late last century when the economy tanked and •          Faciale Edema
people were trying to save money by not vaccinating their •        Atopy
dogs. Distemper and rabies are nearly always fatal. They •         Respiratory disease
can be avoided with commonsense vaccination programs. •            Allergic uveitis (Blue Eye)
Vets around the country worried about lost of
                                                           Severe Reactions triggered by Vaccines:
income over the annual vaccine issue, but now they can •           Vaccine injection site sarcomas
encourage the non-invasive and non-side effect titer test •        Anaphylaxis
on a annual or bi-annual basis to clients, thus keeping their •    Arthritis, polyarthritis
animals far healthier in the long run. And the light bill still •  HOD hypertrophy osteodystrophy
gets paid, with some left over for that new wing!          • Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
Hopefully, this information will enlighten you             • Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia (IMTP)
about your dog’s vaccination needs and lead you to do      • Hemolytic disease of the newborn (Neonatal
some research on your own into what is a good protocol Isoerythrolysis)
to follow, including when to use titer testing. To the left is •   Thyroiditis
a listing of potential reactions to be aware of post vaccina- •    Glomerulonephritis
tion (and remember it can be up to a few weeks post-vac- •         Disease or enhanced disease which with the
cination before a reaction occurs). Also immediately below vaccine was designed to prevent
there are some links for useful reading. One is for a pdf • Myocarditis
download on titer testing. (all links are live whether in blue •   Post vaccinal Encephalitis or polyneuritis
or black type.)                                            • Seizures
                                                           • Abortion, congenital anomalies, embryonic/fetal                                               death, failure to conceive
For a pdf on vaccines and titer testing.


Article on over vaccination in Natural Dogs.               A fence lasts three years, a dog lasts three fences, a horse                                            lasts three dogs, and a man lasts three horses.
Dr Jean Dodds website
                                                                                                       --old German proverb.

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