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And what brought on this musing? It’s the fifth day ...And when she wants to play.
of the fifth month, and that means that Decibel has now
been with us for two full years. This is a joyous occasion
and we celebrate it. The young lady has matured, of course,
but she is always my sunshine girl, and makes me smile: !
…When she gets her smooches in the morning. !
…When she picks up a huge bone and prances up so
proudly that she promptly trips over the big
red ball right in front of her.
…When she ecstatically crunches an empty flowerpot.
(Later I discovered that it hadn’t exactly
been empty when Decibel found it, but I rescued the little
squash in time).
…When she needs a hug.

                                                                       ....When she finds something more intersting to do.
                                                                       ...Wheb she helps (by supervising).

                                                                       …and best of all, when Harold claims that Decibel got me
                                                                       the Slade CD as a Cinco de Mayo

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