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Dog Books

Here’s a short list of book that may be useful for training   In the non-fiction training or health category, there are a
or some for recreational reading that are dog themed.         large number of new books out this winter.

Sheila Webster Boneham has written two mysteries that         From Hoofbeats to Dogsteps by Rachel Paige Elliot. This is
include dogs (and cats) as a main focus. Her pet char-        not a new book by any means, but it is an essential one in
acters are obedience and agility oriented. The plots are      any serious dog fanciers collection, particularly for those
plausible and the continuing characters are well-drawn.       interested in learning about movement and structure.
At least where love interests lie, she is less ambigous than  Check out for a deeply discounted sale
Janet Evanovich.                                              price right NOW!
The titles of the two Boneham books in chronological          Canine Neutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your
order are:                                                    Dog for Optimum Health by Dr Jean Dodds. Dr Dodds is
Drop Dead on Recall                                           well known in the dog world in her work on various health
Catwalk (which will introduce readers to cat agility...       matters in dogs. This book lays out her views on how food
really.)                                                      plays a very important role in a dogs life, health or illness.
                                                              This is an e-book available for instant download from
For those who have enjoyed the Rita Mae Brown fox   
hound series, there is a new entry into the series with       Teaming with Your Therapy Dog by Anne Howie. The book
Brown’s latest, the characters are familiar from earlier      focuses on reading your dog properly and its general
books but as always she moves things along and situa-         behavior. While it is aimed at those intending to do canine
tions and people change in attitudes and perspective.         therapy with their dogs, it is also a book that can appeal
                                                              to the average dog owner who seeks to better understand
David Rosenfeldt writes both dog and non-dog thrillers.       his own dog.
His dog series includes protagonist Andy Carpenter, a         Beware the Straw Man - The Science Dog Explores Dog
rather lazy lawyer who has more money than common             Training Fact and Fiction by Linda Case. Another ebook
sense sometimes but has good friends and a solid girl-        from Dogwise, this one taking a skeptical look at long held
friend along with his Golden Retriever to keep him on         beliefs on dog behavior and training.
track. Golden is frequently involved in the plots.            Canine Reproduction and Whelping - A Dog Breeders
His dog books to date are:                                    Guide by Myra Savant Harris. Again, not a new book but
Hounded                                                       an up to date excellent book covering well beyond the
Unleashed                                                     basics for those interested in breeding dogs. Also a great
Leader of the Pack                                            reference book for experienced breeders as well. The au-
One Dog Night                                                 thor also has a DVD that can be purchased on the rearing
Dog Tags                                                      of newborn puppies. There is also an Advanced volume by
New Tricks                                                    the author available.
Play Dead
Dead Center                                                   A house without either a cat or a dog is the house of a
Sudden Death                                                              Portuguese Dog Proverbs
Bury the Lead                                                 scoundrel.
First Degree
Open and Shut                                                                                                          29
He has also written a humorous non-fiction book about
Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on Our
Canine Cross-Country Adventure
(in his mysteries, the lead character began a dog adoption
center, which Rosenfeldt also did in real life).

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