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         2015 Specialty show chair, David Sullivan has                  David has taken the time to ask input via Face-
made several announcements regarding the fall National         book on how individuals planning to attend the 2015
in Gettysburg, PA. First off, his committee has arranged       National feel about different ideas and plans. So if you
for a hip clinic at a vet hospital about 2 hours away from     are on Facebook you can sign on to the Specialty Group to
the host hotel at a very reasonable price. The veterinarian    keep up to date on what’s happening in the planning and
is one quite familiar with Briards and takes digital xrays to  implementation of the many new ideas for this year. For
be submitted to OFA.                                           those not on Facebook, keep checking back to the Special-
                                                               ty website for updated information.
         Next David is arranging for a breakfast buffet
mornings with a wide array of breakfast foods including
fresh fruit and beverages.

         The show committee has been working diligently
to raise funds to support this specialty in a variety of ways
since last Fall. The newest fund raiser is Tee-Shirts with
the specialty graphic logo on them To see items available,
go to the BCA specialty website to have a look see. The
URL is:

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