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Ch Pa’Chick’s Rebel Deux, (‘Mark’) a dominant black male, born 12/15/1968, was owned by Phil and Jan

McNelis of western PA. They also owned his sire Ch Proud Rebel de Marha, aka “Mickey”. Mark was bred by Pat and Chuck Long
of MI. His dam was Pa’Chick’s Esmeralda who was actually one of the Grace Norgaard dogs rehomed after Gracie’s untimely death.
Mark, a handsome, masculine dog, was used at stud with Jayne Dubin’s bitch Ch Phydeaux Tallulah CD, producing a very typey
and lovely moving ‘V’ litter in 1972. The pup Jayne had (Ch Bellesprit Velours -”Vigga”) was bred to Ch Sultan d’Esprit producing
multi-Working Group placer, Ch Bellesprit Midnight Cowboy and two other champions, plus Obedience titled dogs.

         Midnight Cowboy (‘Clancy’) was later used by Mary Lou Tingley with both ‘Jennie’ and ‘Sheba’. Sheba producing Ch
Phydeaux Oh Susannah CDX. From Clancy and his litter sister Meriah, future lines were established with Virage and Bigtree
which led to later kennels: Victoria’s, Coeur de Joie, Noire, Bedlam, Kaleb, Chaotic, Northstar, Marquis, Cloud Cap, Best Betes, Lot-
teau and other lines. Other offspring were incorporated into Radieux, Beardsanbrows and one went to Norway for Picador Kennels.
(who exported a dog to Cacharel in Australia, then his grandson was sent back to Bigtree. FoxLair also imported Ch Virage Vendet-
ta of Picador sons showcasing a pair high profile specials from Norway.

         Earlier in 1971, Mary Lou had bred Ch Nanie de la Haut Tour to Mark creating her one of her U litters. None of the 5 off-
spring were ever bred. One went to Barbara Ruby of Chien Velu fame.

         One of Vigga’s littermates, Friday (Ch Bellesprit Fille Vendredi) went to the Kokin’s in NJ. In 1976 Friday was bred back to
her sire, Mark. In 1981, Le Beauchien Majolique from that litter produced an R litter with a pup going to Chaparral in TX who had
a Mark daughter already. (if you are paying attention you can see how there is a lot of Mark’s genes coming full circle within other

         In 1972, Barbara McQuillan bred her Ch Saucy Sally Chez Benadaret to Mark, producing her V litter, which included Vicki
Chien de Grand Coeur, who was owned by the Boelters of WI. She led to the Haute Couture dogs, then on to the de Caprice dogs.
Ch Jabot d’ Haute Couture went to Fran Taylor. He was used only one time at stud but what a tremendous impact one of the pups
had on the Briard world. Jabot was bred to Jane Beahan’s Ch Fille d’Abbaye, producing Ch Abbaye’s Paulette de Bonheur. From Pau-
lette’s litter sired by Ch Richlen’s Steppenwolf, came Ch U Know Mielleux de Bonheur (“Honey”) and U Know It Was Meant to Bea.
Diane Royce got Honey, Ellen Shea got Bea. Honey was bred to Waver (Ch Beardsanbrow’s V d’Occasion) which produced Sarek
(Ch Kaliphi U Know Mielleux Deux). Sarek went to Deb Morrow (Kaliphi) then to Kathy Lanam (Classique). He won a National
and was used at stud, producing all time #1 Stud dog and 3 time National Winner, Ch Deja Vu In Like Flynn, a multi-Best in Show
winner. From Sarek, Mark’s genes go in multiple directions, Classique, Deja Vu, Popsakadoo, and so many more kennels gained
from Sarek and Flynn’s offspring alone.

         Bea was bred to Oberon le Voyageur du Lhut, a Rowdy son, producing U Know Darin’ to Bea a Kaliphi who went to Deb
Morrow. She was bred 3 times, and some of her pups stayed in the mid-west “loop” of Deb & Jane Beahan, but one, Kaliphi Jadzia
Dax went to Merry Jane Millner at Sendero. Dax produced son Ch Sendero’s Our Tornado who went to Odile Smith at Fairytale’s
kennel. There at stud he produced a litter for Snoaire out of “Judy” (Snoaire’s over the Rainbow) and with Odile’s own blue bitch Ch
Chaotic’s Turquoise de Lindeau.

         Vicki Chien’s brother Vin Marque was bred bringing Mark’s genes to Lindeaux, Silvermoon, Strathcona and Grinzing then
on to many more. One Vin Marque son, Ch Montargis de Lindeau was best male in the 1978 Rass.

         U Know Dede le Voyageur du Lhut, Bea’s sister went back to the Longs in MN. Dede was bred three times, to Lindeaux
dogs and some of her offspring went back to Lindeau to stay. The most famouos of Dede’s offspring is probably her daughter Ch
Fleur de Lis de Lindeau. Her son was Ch Hi Ya Handsome de Lindeau. Her great granddaughter was Odile Smith’s Turquoise.

         Reve Doux de Mielleux was another Waver x Honey daughter who had two litters. One in 1995 produced son Luc San Sou-
ci de Mielleux. Luc was bred to the Fox’s (Fox Lair) Ch Ardon’s Gail Warning, a Ch Phydeaux Twist N Shout (a Steppenwolf son)
daughter. From this came Mielleux Madison Ave Classique. Of Madison’s two litters, pups went to Aladax kennels in TX, Dansr
and Majestique, who took FoxLair’s Classique S’porte.

         Sue McCormick’s Ch Pa’Chick’s Ms-Be-Havn, a Mark daughter, was bred in 1976. That P Litter produced several Chs in-
cluding ‘Heather’, Ch Dromores Promises Promises, a National winner and Best Select Bitch in the 1978 Rass to ‘uncle’ Montargis’
(‘Rowdy’) best dog! Five of Sue’s P pups were bred adding Mark’s influence to Radnor, Chaparrall, and Pooka kennels. A littermate,
Pa’Chick’s Man O War of Ms-Be-Havn went to Troupeaux where he was bred to Vigga’s 1/2 sister Bellesprit Licol Mon Bonheur.

         Mark was also bred to Harold Marley’s Shana de Marha, producing his T litter. This litter included Tanka Tempo who pro-
duced a litter for Pat Lukes de Patriche Kennel. Ch Vixen de Patriche (and litter brother Venture) eventually went to Jill Carruthers
in NY where she was bred producing several CHs, including Ch Whooki, a famous multi-titled Obedience/Tracker dog.

         From these notable descendants, Mark can be found in current pedigrees covering nearly all current modern day Ameri-
can Briard kennels, as well as stretching out over more than six countries and three continents. His grandson Venn has more than
160 offspring alone! Mark’s influence on the breed has been far reaching in more ways than one. There are more circles back to him
within kennels that can be found in a thorough pedigree study. Mark’s stamp on the breed is one to be enjoyed and honored.
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