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Judge: Mrs Margaret Shappard Photo by Mike Greenberg12-15 mos Bitches
4-6 Mos Begnner Puppy Dogs 1 Mon Amies In Your Face
1 Chaotic’s Just What the Doctor Ordered 2 Iffelle de Bejaune
Kayla McCormack, Doug & Shirley Tate 15-18 mos Bitches
2 Bigtrees Joltin’ Joe Barbara Lynch 1 Deja Vu Popsakado It Is What It Is
4-6 mos Beginner Puppy Bitches 2 Bigtrees Illustrated in Sienna
1 Celebra’s Just Kickn Down the Cobblestones Amateur Owner Handler Bitches
Terrie Wheeler, Christi Leigh 1 Noblesse Oblige Majkolandia
2 Popsakadoo Deja Vu Just a Dream Amanda Lehman
Bob Mebus 2 Briardale’s Galadriel of Lothlorien HIC, BN, RN
Linda McCurdy, Linda Solis, Liz Kenitz
Best Beginner Puppy Bred By Bitches
Celebra’s Just Kickn Down the Cobblestones 1 Gjorja de Bejaune Meg Weitz, Michael
BOS Beginner Puppy Greenberg
Chaotic’s Just What the Doctor Ordered 2 It Takes Two du Nouveau
3 Indiscreet Rose Tattoo de L’Heureux Theresa Lee
6-9 Mos Puppy Dogs 4 Eiledon’s Hilaria Karen Westerholm, Beth Coughlin
1 Jambo Nearco of the Coastline American Bred Bitches
2 Tintagel’s Je Suis Pret 1 Intaglio de Bejaune
9-12 Mos Puppy Dogs 2 Deja Vu Popsakadoo I Am Not My Hair
1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo I See London I See France 3 Chantilly Hopelessly Devoted to You James
12-15 Mos Dogs Albrecht, Gary Longtine
1 Take It To The Limit Moravia Campanella Open Tawny Bitches
2 Igor of the Coastline 1 Fresco of the Coastline Sherry Kaltenborn
3 Incoranato Ilario Fedele del Bel Pastur 2 Hello Again de L’Heureux Theresa Lee
15-18 Mos Dogs 3 Hangin In the Shade du Soleil Molly Gardner
1 Invincible Blackbeard of the Coastline 4 Demaharahni de Bejaune Meg Weitz, Michael
2 Triskele Done and Dusted Andre Morin, Janis Greenberg
Amateur Owner Handler Dogs 7-9 yrs Veteran Dogs
1 Ghandi du Berger des Brebis Linda Solis, 1 GCh Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber Terry Miller,
Liz Kenitz Dominique Dube, Lynn Bernard, Amie Melton
2 Bailywick Harmonie d’Soleil et Glace RN 2 GCh Fairytale’s Balthazar Le Sage
Kath Williams, Lana Sheer 3 Ch Tintagel’s Beowulf de Bearsandbrow RA
Bred by Dogs Mary McEneany
1 Nuview’s Imperiale french Connection VS 4 Bailywick Beowulf Carcer Chasse Lana Sheer,
2 Beardsanbrow’s Dazzler Tintagel Janis Charbonneau, Terri Hunt
Elise McMahon 9-11 yrs Vet Dogs
American Bred Dogs 1 Ch Timbre the Very Thought of You
1 Hyssop de Bejaune Jonathan & Christie Daniels, 7-9 yrs Veteran Bitches
Meg Weitz 1 Bigtrees Brimstone
Open Tawny Dogs 2 Ch Snoaire Autumn Daze Marsha Clamp
1 Hocus Pocus du Nouveau RN Sharon Skelly, Victoria 3 Ch Castle Bon Bon Au Chocolat CGC
Bochorski, Janet Couture 9-11 yrs Veteran Bitches
2 Enchante’s Gentle Guardian Kyle Nugent 1 Ch Timbre Undivided Attention
3 X-Tempore Moravia Campanella Shirley Newby-Tate 11 + yrs Veteran Bitches
6-9 Mos Puppy Bitches 1 Ch Celebra Tia Tintinabulation HXCs Julie Reconnu
1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo Java Black Coffee Mike Gibson
2 Tintagel’s Jonquille
3 Tintagel’s Jabberwock
9-12 Mos Puppy Bitches
1 Deja Vu Popsakadoo If It Quacks Like a Duck
2 Bijou I’m Climbing the Walls du Soleil

Photo submitted by Terry Miller

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