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Okay, many of you are going “ew all that sand in the house!” And the Show goers are rolling your eyes
thinking of all the lost coat from the “sandpaper effect” the sand in the coat will cause. Well, rest assured
the Bed N Biscuit Briards track no sand into the house, nor are they losing coat to the rough effects of the
fun sand box. Nope, these four very happy dogs play in their sand pile to their hearts content, then race
Mila to the in ground pool (which has full stairs for easy dog access and departure) for a pre dinner swim
and cool off from the hot summer Florida afternoons. And with that, all the sand is washed away as they
romp in the water with each other. By the time they are finished and head for the house, with the romp
across the grounds they are nearly dripped dried by the time they reach the door. Spoiled much, oh yeah,
they are Briards, they deserve it don’t they?

Look Ma, no sand! puppy Alfie
loses the
sandy beard while posing in the

Below, older dogs, Danny 2 yrs,
Cara 3 yrs and Vinny 12 yrs,
relax in the shallow end after a
hard day’s play.

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