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Westminster & The New York Dog Week Experience

(All photos by Terry Miller)

For those who have never been to the Westminster show week, here is a sample of what fun and confusion you’re miss-
ing. From trying to find a safe place to park your car for several days, to dealing with kamikaze non-English speaking
cab drivers, to the many fantastic restaurants, delis, bistros and pubs in the mid-town NYC area within walking distance
from Madison Square Garden and several dog friendly hotels nearby. It’s a trip. Many who’ve taken it have vowed, NEV-
ER AGAIN! But the die-hard dog people keep on coming back, dealing with the multiple head aches of getting gear and
dogs into the Garden (not logistcally expanded with two sites to include the breed judging at the Pier), the cold unpre-
dictable New York weather in winter, the many venues of dog events, parties, get togethers, and auctions, it’s a planners
nightmare, but we keep on coming back for more---WHY? Because it IS the place to be in February if you love purebred
This year Dominique Dube, Terry Miller, the Klang Klan (David, Gina and KayCee) did the town up well. This editor
wasn’t able to go, so I requested Terry try to take some photos, not just of the Briards competing at the Garden, but of
some of the places in NYC they went to. From the photos below, it looks like it was a great eating and shopping experi-
ence for all!
KayCee Klang once again earned enough Jr Showmanship 1st Place wins to qualify to compete in Jrs at the Garden with
her Briard Cagney, the well-travelled dog!

PHOTOS: Top L-R: The Klangs
enjoying a fondue Brunch at an
Artisanal Bistro. Bottom L-R:
Dominique & the Klangs outside
of Macy’s. Dominique shops
Harry’s. KayCee & Dominique at

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