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Canine Health Foundation Recent Podcasts

One of the best resources avoilable for dog owners and dog   Additional webinars can be found at
breeders is the Canine Health Foundation. While many
may think they are a foundation that funds dog health        Visit the Zoetis canine reproduction webpage for addition-
research, and this is a large part of what they do but they  al information and resources. There are now more than 100
also provide up to date, easy to use information to anyone   resources available there.
who wants to access it through their website and podcasts
on health issues and breeding science.

Some of the recent topics covered in CHF’s podcasts are
listed below; You can subscribe to thei CHF email llist
to keep updated on new podcasts and webinars on their

AKC Canine Health Foundation and Zoetis Partner to
Offer Canine Reproduction Education

Podcast Topic: Infertility in the Bitch
July 17, 2014

Podcast Topic: Ovulation Timing
July 31, 2014

3/11/15Exploring Canine Reproduction Health: Brucellosis

Podcast Topic: Pregnancy Diagnosis
November 24, 2014

Throughout 2014, CHF and Zoetis will be releasing pod-
casts on topics such as pregnancy diagnosis, pyometra,
infertility, breeding method choices, semen storage, and
more. Podcasts are free to download, will average 15
minutes in length, and can be accessed through the CHF
website at

Other podcasts in the series feature Dr. Matthew Krecic      Snow Dancing with the Stars.
discussing Brucellosis, Dr. William Schultz discussing Tips
for Fresh, Chilled Semen Breedings, Dr. Kit Kampschmidt
discussing Cryopreservation of Canine Semen, Kim Hesler
discussing Shipping Canine Semen, and Dr. Cheryl Lopate
discussing Infertility in the Bitch.

Sign up to receive CHF podcasts delivered via email by
visiting our website.

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