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Best of Breed 199 A tawny male of excellent type exhibiting Judge Stacy’s Comments
strength and agility. Masculine rectangular head carried proudly.
Good layback of shoulder and good angles front and rear.
Strong topline, sloping croup and moved with good timing and Many thanks to all Briarders for the opportunity to judge your
free suspension. An outstanding representation of the breed. Regional Specialty. Charged with the responsibility to judge
Best Opposite Sex 246 A tawny feminine bitch of excellent to your Breed Standard, I ventured into this assignment with a
type. Good layback of shoulder and strong topline. Tail carried commitment to be true to it and mindful that the Briard I would
low and moved freely. look to reward would be vigorous and alert, powerful without
Select Dog 201 A grey dog of excellent type exhibiting coarsness, strong in bone and muscle exhibiting the strength and
strength. Good angles front and rear and moved soundly. A agility of the herding dog. I took those exact words from the
strong contender for breed but on the day did not move out like General Appearance section in the AKC Briard Standard. Years
the breed winner. ago I attended an AKC Herding Dog Institute. It had a HUGE
Select Bitch 264 A young tawny bitch with good angles front impact on my views of herding dogs, the Briard in particular.
and rear. Correct low tail carriage and moved with supple After the classroom instruction we watched these dogs work.
power. In pouring rain and plenty of mud, I realized the importance of
AOM 207 A tawny dog of excellent type with outstanding coat quality. I realized how agile and strong the Briard must
timing when moving. Correct tail crook. Moderate angles front be to tirelessly work the perimeters in the mud. I realized how
and rear. important it was that the Briard be vigorous and alert. When
judging the Specialty, my decisions relected just that.
AOM 197 A tawny dog of excellent type. Balanced angulation
from and rear. Correct low tail carriage. 9-12 Dog class of one
AOM 211 A tawny dog of excellent type and body proportions. 1 Hocus Pocus Do Nouveau. A very handsome natural
Strong topline and moved freely. eared youngster. Very good length of head. Good coat texture
AOM 240 A black bitch of excellent type. Feminine head with for his age. A bit soft in topline, but has great promise if he
excellent body proportions. Moved freely. develops as he looked this day.

12-18 Dogs class of 2 - absent #107
1 st 109 Helios De Bejaune. This boy has a well angulated
and matched front and rear.
Excellent length of head, conident expression. Good topline,
proper tail carriage and terminal crook. A bit loose in front on
the move. Coat texture should improve with age.
2 nd 105 LaVie Rose Haute Couture. This young boy
carried a very nice topline, nicely converging to a single trot. A
bit short in angle front and rear, but well balance. Would have
preferred a lower tail carriage.
Bred Br Exhibitor
1 st Hercules Heroin Disguise Du Nouveau. This
cropped ear medium tawny is a very nice immature dog with
good coat texture with slight proper wave. The best mover
in this class. A bit lanky, typical of his age. With Body and
maturity should be a nice one. My RWD
2 nd Hermes De L Hermitage A Lebec. This Black
cropped ear boy has a lovely long head with good planes,
excellent leg length, but is a bit longer in back than ideal. I
found him a bit slight in substance and realize that maturity may
3 rd Suite Hifaultinhospitality. This tawny cropped
eared boy has good bone and substance, good length of muzzle.
nicely coated, good proportion. Would like to see a bit more
neck and stronger muzzle. Seemed a bit tentative.
Open Black
1st 117 Harry Jr. Heaven Devil. This natural ear Black
presents with good substance and bone, dense heavy coat.
Excellent tail. I would like to see a bit more leg length.

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