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2 121 Dior’s Get this Party Started DeMirage. This 2 158 Nightwind Double Dog Care Ewe PT. Nicely
cropped ear boy had proper leg length, well set ears and head balance light tawny with cropped ears and a dark overlay, very
length. He is a bit short in body. sound , rather out of coat, smooth on the go.
Exc 119 Unable to examine Haarlem De Bejaune. This 3 rd 162 Blackstone’s Gisele, Black cropped bitch of
dog caught my eye on irst glance and then on the move. nice proportion. A bit immature in body but full of breed type.
Unfortunately he had a bad day and did not want to be 4 164 Déjà vu Popsakadoo Hints from Heloise. This
examined. Sad, for I thought he could go much further had he Black cropped bitch was another great showman with good
been willing. expression and croup. A bit low on leg.
Open Tawny American Bred
1 st 127 Suite High Flying Saucer. This cropped ear Tawny 168 Déjà vu Mia Popsakadoo Hot Pink. This light
with dark trim is nicely proportioned with proper leg to body fawn girl with black trim and cropped ears is up on leg, and has
length, matching angles front and rear. Good crook in tail, a lovely proper long head. Good substance, good on the go.
carried just off the topline, excellent coat texture with good Needs more coat to be really competitive.
depth, good feet, bone and substance. #2 166 Déjà vu Popsakadoo High Five. This light fawn
2 nd 123 Keep Me Irresistible Moravia Campenella. This girl carried a nice level topline and has a good dense coat of
natural ear medium colored tawny carries an excellent topline, proper texture. Her proportion was a bit off, being low in leg
is nicely balanced, good on the move down and back. Could use and cobby.
a bit more neck and better crook in tail. Open Black
WD Open Tawny #127, for reasons stated above. 1 st 172 Mon Amies Growing In Grace. This cropped
RWD #115, due to maturity ear bitch possesses good balance, proper running gear, with a
Puppy Bitch 6-9 tendency to single track. She was well muscled and the best in
1 st 130 Aladax I’m Bootylicious. Delightful Black the class on the go around. She is a bit soft coated.
cropped eared girl with plenty of exuberance, nicely balanced 2 nd 174 Malaika Del Seperado-Sztin. This lovely cropped
with good topline, shows promise. ear bitch didn’t like herself this day, but I did not miss her
Puppy Bitch 9-12 qualities, wonderful length of head and coat texture, crouched
on the go.
1 st 132 Ne Orageux’s He Said She Said. Nice cropped ear
Black with great coat texture, good substance and topline, well 3 rd 170 Diamante’s Hat’s Off To Madison. This cropped
muscled croup for a well rounded appearance. ear girl had nice leg length, but was a bit too short in body. Her
2 nd 134 Heed My Advice Du Nouveau. Beautiful rich tail though carried well was a bit tight in the crook.
Tawny with dark overlay and points, proper leg length, nice Open Tawny
topline, tail could have a bit more J. 1 st 178 Great Hope Moravia Campanella. This rich tawny
12-18 Bitch cropped ear girl has a good textured coat, nicely balanced with a
1 st 136 Sendero’s Heard It Through The Cornield. long head, sound on both ends. Though she didn’t carry herself
Excellent example of Briard that could work effortlessly for well, she was best in this class.
hours. Natural Eared Black, Proper layback of shoulder, elbow 2 nd 176 Far Far Away Galaxy Aux Pattes Velues. This
directly in line with withers to foot, rear to match front, long light tawny natural eared girl carries a nice topline, has a dense
ribbed, short loin well muscled, long head parallel planes skull coat with proper wave though a bit soft, good legs, strong back,
to muzzle, Proper crisp coat with dense undercoat and wave, in
working condition. shorter in neck than ideal.
2 nd 148 Deja Vu Volant Hors D’Oeuvres. Very showy, 3 182 Huenteco Did It My Way. This light tawny
cropped ear tawny with dark overlay, excellent head and tail, a cropped eared girl with dark trim was very fancy. Good on
bit short in body and leg length, tail carriage higher than ideal. her feet and very athletic. Head is of proper length with good
A real show stopper. expression. A bit slight in body and soft coated. Tail needs
3 rd 140 Ne Orageux’s Hair Apparent. This light tawny more J.
with cropped ears has good length of leg, bone, proper rounded 4 th 180 Deja Vu Popsakadoo Form Follows Function.
croup. Perhaps a bit short in body, a bit tentative. This light tawny cropped ear girl has superb leg length and
4th 138 Dromore’s Honhlee De L’Hereaux. This young length of neck. Had she been in better condition with a better
appearing black with cropped ears has very good coat texture, topline she could have placed higher in the class.
sound running gear and with better handling may have gone
further. WB #136 - Best over all. In ine working condition with
Bred By Bitch excellent legs, exceptional rib length and short loin. Ideal
1 st 152 Sendero’s Here Comes Fannie. This Black coat texture with proper wave. At times she carried her tail a
Cropped bitch is in working condition, possessing good bone bit high on the go but it didn’t take away from all her virtues.
and substance with excellent coat texture. Proper long head She stood a bit soft in topline on the stack but good on the go.
with good parallel head planes. Proper tail with acceptable “Handler Error”.
crook and carriage; one ear a bit lazy; could be better on the RWB #152, Though a stronger topline on the stack than the
down and back. winner, not as good on her legs.

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